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Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day!

Hi, Everyone!

We are having our very first snow day of the school year and it's a doozie!  Maddie just went out with a ruler and measured 6 inches!  For the Willamette Valley, that is unheard of.  At least once a year, there is the promise of snow but it almost never happens.  I think today the snow gods are making up for lost time.

This Sunday is the Piccadilly Flea Market and if it's anything like the last one, I am going to need drive our truck and take more money!  I had to leave the last time because I spent every single dollar I had.  I won't make that mistake again.  This is my favorite time of year for the flea market because the vintage Christmas comes out and the sellers finally seem to remember that this is a flea market not an antique mall.  Prices are great & the treasures to be found are even better.  Ready to see what I got last time?


Lots of vintage ornaments in the original boxes.

Three sweet Christmas girls.  I bought these from a vendor who was a good friend of my mom's back in the day.  He told me he remembered bouncing me on his knee when I was little.  I bought the piece of fabric from another vendor.  Wait till you see how I decorated with it.

I bought the Napco spaghetti Santa bank from a really nice lady who threw in the plastic Santa's and the bell for free!

There is this one lady at the flea who almost always has really great stuff...the kind of stuff I love to collect.  But her prices are really high.  Plus, every time I ask her for the price of something, she gives me the "that's vintage and highly collectible" line.  Needless to say, I have never bought anything from her.  Remember my Santa cookie jar from Monticello?  She has had one at the flea market for the past 3 years marked for $25.  She absolutely will not budge on it.  Hold on, my rambling has a point.  She had a set of hugging Santa & Mrs. Clause shakers that I wanted but she wouldn't go below $20 for them.  "They are made in Japan, you know".  But when I asked her how much she would take for the lone Shiny Brite and three Gurley Candles, she shot me a price of $2.00!  I will never understand how some vendors price things. 

I bought this grab bag of bottle brush trees so Maddie & I could bleach them out and glitter them up a bit.  That's how we spent this morning!  But don't worry!  We left the pink ones just like we found them.

Love Santa cut outs and old tree toppers!

This tablecloth is huge and in great condition.  It fits my giant farmhouse table perfectly.  But since I get so paranoid about people actually eating on my tablecloths, I folded it into a runner and ironed it in place.  I am much less stressed now.

I don't think I will ever be able to stop buying Santa mugs.  I especially love the tiny ones.  I can't figure out if they are meant to hold candles or shots!


I love vintage Christmas stockings.  I just started collecting them this year.  There was an abundance of them at the flea this time!

I especially love the ones that have cute scenes on both sides. 


These aren't the best looking angels in the world, but I knew that Maddie could at least make the little spun heads cute.

And I was right!  Check out those sweet little faces.  They've got these weird plastic wings that are screwed onto their backs.  I've never seen anything like them before.

You didn't really expect me to leave behind these Reindeer shakers, right?  I will be hiding these before Hanna comes to visit.

This trio of angels were my favorite find of the day.  The seller had them priced individually but there was no way I could break them up!  They are like nothing I have ever seen.  Their bases are actually cardboard and covered by feathers.  They are all marked Japan on the bottom and each has their own instrument.  I love these!

After seeing all of these holiday finds, you would think that I was at another holiday fair.  But you would be wrong!  I actually found some non-holiday related treasures too...

Can you believe that the Miss Kitty orphan shaker was only a quarter?  Someday I will find her match.  The picnic tin was being used to display other stuff and the guy good naturedly gave me a hard time about having to take every off.  His wife smacked him and said "we are here to make money!".  I'm not sure if she was kidding or really mad.  Poor guy!


I picked up these tablecloths from the same seller I got the Christmas one from.  I love the top one and can't wait to use it next Fall.

I love the flea.  I love the flea.  I LOVE THE FLEA!!  Did I mention I love the flea?  I cannot wait until Sunday.  These weather conditions better not get in my way!

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Happy Holidays, Friends!



  1. What a score! Good luck at this weekend's flea. BTW, I can't figure out the little Santa mugs either. They are too small to drink out of.

  2. Where do I start? Oh my you really found some awesome vintage Christmas! Love the angels and the tablecloths the most! I hope you have good luck this weekend! Thanks for linking up to TTF!

  3. Great stuff, as usual.

    How many storage bins do you have?? I seem to have accumulated more than I thought this year, problems, problems! Hah!

  4. The branch tablecloth is AHHHHMAAAAZZING! I think I was the one who put the candle holder thought into your head? Anyways, I now think they were mugs all along... I guess? Loving all the Christmas. Tis the season.

  5. Well I would love the flea too if we had one like that here. Dang, that is a ton of stuff to get at a flea market..yes, bring more $$$! I always thought the little santa mugs were for bridge games so you could put treats in them at each players spot. We only got a dusting of snow here and the gorge wind is howling here and so bone chilling!

  6. Love all the finds. I want a flea close to me like yours! I am glad you got all the neat stuff even though I am jealous. :>) Good luck Sunday and I will be waiting to see all the cool finds.

  7. Wow, that is a wonderful Flea Market!!! I love all the great treasures you purchased, especially the tablecloths, of course :)

  8. I don't find the stockings very often (sad) but that glitter one! Amazeballs.

  9. Wow! I absolutely LOVE everything! I'm with you, the angel trio is to die for :) I have that picnic tin and just love it. It moves to different spots all the time. Lots of great ornament graphics as well...can't get enough Shiny Brites! Have fun decorating and enjoy the snow!

  10. Good lord! Did you get enough?! Haha, so many great finds, I'm totally jealous! The stockings are amazing and I LOVE the feather angels! I found one like them at an antique shop last month and it has quickly become one of my favorite decorations.
    I hope the weather doesn't screw things up for you!!! Freaking mother nature...doesn't she know we have crap to do?!

  11. HO-LEE CRAP you found an amazing amount of AWESOME stuff! That plaid picnic tin ALONE would have had me on a thrifter's high for days, but with all of the other stuff? That was one heck of an amazing SCORE!!

  12. SO MUCH amazing vintage Christmas goodness. I WANT IT ALL!

  13. Oh my! Where do I begin to say how much I like the things you find. We are surely best friends if not related! heehee! I love the same things you do....and have some of the same things, too! I went to the thrift store today and found some fun things. I had to stand behind a lady grabbing all of the shiny brites...but that's OK. I found some the other day! I'm so addicted to 'hunting'! Hugs!

  14. wow, you find amazing Christmas! I went to an estate sale on Friday that advertised Christmas. I was hoping to find shiny brites or a light up Santa face blow mold. All the Christmas was junk, but I did snatch an amazing quilt! You found so many wonderful goodies! Thanks for sharing them with SYC. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  15. WoW! I stumbled on your blog by accident... you like everything !!! I Like :) ..... keep the vintage faith alive, girls.... thanks