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Friday, December 13, 2013

More Vintage Christmas Finds!

Happy Friday!

The kids finally went back to school today after 5 snow days in a row.  Unheard of!  I can't ever remember having that many consecutive days off from school because of the weather.  Now only one more week of school to go before the holiday break starts.  I finished up the majority of my Christmas shopping today with the exception of a few stocking stuffers.  Why are they so hard to find, especially for a 17 year old boy?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I am still trying to get you all caught up on the vintage Christmas stuff I have been finding at the thrifts, flea market, and the few estate sales I've got to this season.  Having housebound kids really puts a damper on the blogging capabilities, doesn't it?

I found these guys at the flea market a while back.  I'm always happy to add more knee huggers to my collection.  Who wouldn't be?!

I stopped by an estate sale on my way to Target last week and managed to unearth some great vintage Christmas from all of the mass produced and newer stuff.

This was all in a 50 cent grab bag at the sale.  I love grab bags!

At another sale, I reached between two dealers digging through the holiday stuff and plucked the Gurley Santa and the Kurt Adler Santa from the piles they were digging through.  I don't know how they missed the big Gurley candles, especially when I spotted it from across the room.  The Kurt Adler guy isn't old but I thought he would be cute on a wreath.


These were the only boxes of ornaments that were at the sale.  A lot of the people there bypassed them because they thought they were too expensive at $5/box.  But, most of them were resellers and needed to be able to make a profit.  Lucky for me, I am not a reseller but a HOARDER!!

How perfect are these to St. Nicholas Anthologies for my Christmas decorations.  They add awesome height to my displays.  I found these at St. Vincent's.

I also found some old bulbs for the wreath I am planning.

And I picked some Shiny Brites out of the 10 cent basket.

And I still have more to show you.  I probably shouldn't be complaining about the lack of vintage Christmas I have found this year. 

Tomorrow morning, Maddie & I are headed up to Portland to meet Hanna for Crafty Wonderland.  Also, Alex just so happens to have his first basketball game of the year up there so it works out great! 

Linking up with Junkin' Joe over at The Cottage Market.

Happy Holidays!



  1. Ooh, lucky! Kneehuggers, cuteness. Not surprised there's another Santa mug! BTW, this was the picture that reminded me of you... http://www.pinterest.com/pin/552113235537817890/. Will this be you one day?

    Have a blast at Crafty Wonderland!

    1. OMG....Someday is closer than you think! Wait & see :-)


  2. I have four grown sons and I know how hard it is to buy for them. It's usually best to ask what they want...even teens! Love your sweet pixies. I'm still hunting just as hard as I can but haven't found one this month. Have a good weekend!

  3. glad you found some light bulbs! I love mine.

    All I ever stuffed was stockings for boys and it *was* hard! My guys were outdoorsmen so I always looked for little flash lights, emergency stoves, Ammo, Cammo, etc.
    Sounds like your guy is into sports so roll up a sports magazine, wrist bands, gatoraide, stop watch, shoe laces, energy bars, sports trivia book, fav music... My boy doesn't want a stocking anymore. :( I still want one! :)

    My DIL let's me do my grandgirl's stockings and it's so fun and so easy!

    Hope you and Maddie have fun with Hannah! ♥

  4. 5 days in a row?! Awesome for them I'm sure, a little different story for you. : ) Will they have to make up any of that time at the end of the year? We missed five days once and they made us go on two Saturdays to make up the time!
    I love all your finds! The knee huggers are so stinking cute. You can never have enough of those little dudes.
    I'm excited to see the products of your crafty weekend! I hope it's awesome!
    I always gave/give my brothers beef jerky. They love it but rarely buy it for themselves since it's pricey.

  5. I love knee huggers! So cute. I love everything you got. 5 is ALOT of snow days.

  6. You have been finding LOTS of Christmas goodies! Can't wait to see it all displayed for Christmas!

  7. No you shouldn't be complaining! You've found tons of great stuff that I've been jealous of while reading your posts, Lol. Love those sweet knee huggers.

  8. I think my favorite were the little elves. The vintage elves are so much better than this Elf on the Shelf character. He doesn't have the wires in him to make him bendable and flexible like our older elves.

  9. I never would have thought to put old bulbs in a jadeite bowl, but I LOVE IT! And HURRAH for the hoarded in all of us, those ornaments are awesome!

  10. Hoarders are the best! Sweet Shiny Brites; I've found a lot this year and I am loving them. Can't wait to see all the awesomeness from the weekend!

  11. $5/box for those ornaments is a GREAT price - even as a reseller - which I am!

  12. You find the BEST stuff! I have found NO vintage Christmas this year at the thrift stores, either the workers are keeping it for themselves or the stores are in cahoots with some dealers to funnel all of the vintage stuff out. I love the colors and graphics on those St. Nicholas anthologies! I can't wait to see what else you've found :) --Fran

  13. I'm catching up ... reliving a little of the holiday season ... and finding myself amazed at all your great finds! Those dealers must be spoiled to pass up those ornaments - they are great!