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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Just a Little Christmas at One Thrifter Sister's House

Happy Sunday Everyone, Hanna here.  I just had a a great weekend with Erica and Maddie.  We visited the wonderfully talented Laurie at Crafty Wonderland in Portland, which was amazing!!  You will not believe the whimsical goodness we purchased, stay tuned this week.  Then, I said goodbye to my husband for the week and hitched a ride with Erica to Eugene so that I can spend the week with both her and our mom.  I feel so lucky that I can work from their homes and spend some extra holiday time!  This morning Erica had me up bright and early for the Picc-A-Dilly flea market where more holiday goodness was purchased.  This was followed by brunch and a carafe of mimosas, does it get much better?

Well, since I'm going to be in Eugene until Christmas I had to quickly take some photos of my few holiday decorations before I left.  I have to say after you see what Erica has put together this year for decorations (Stay tuned Christmas Eve) my decorations are very sad.  I will say that Sister is the vintage Christmas queen.  I love the stuff, but we are never home for the holidays and I just haven't collected the kind of collection that she has.  It still makes me smile and feel festive, so I hope you enjoy!
 I only decorated in a few places in the house.  First, I decided my Dala horses would love to join some vintage ornaments on my dining room table.
 I also have some great built-ins in my living room and decided to utilize the ones on my mantle this year.  I mostly did this because miss Marley (my mischievous kitty) really likes to destroy anything Christmas.  I have quite the random mix of vintage goodness.
 You've gotta love the Gurley candles!  Erica of course has collected all of these for me.
 Some of my deer friends, including my single antlered Dream pet that I love so much.

 I originally had my ornament wreath in another spot, but Marley decided it was the perfect thing to chew on during the day.  I actually really enjoy it above the mantle.  The felt tree skirt is very special and from our Dad's childhood.
 I visited my Mimi for Thanksgiving in Florida and found this sweet Christmas in Sweden Album that was my Papa's.  I have no idea what they are saying in the songs, but it still sounds like Christmas to me!
 My knee hugger friend decided to ride in a sleigh.
 A few more friends.
 Some Santa goodness.  I love those tiny Shiny Brite boxes!
 And remember, Christmas is the time of year where all deer can be reindeer! 
 This makes me smile!
 Erica gave me this blow mold last Christmas.  Matt refused to let me put it outside, so it found a home in front of the mantle too.  The Bing Crosby Christmas album has been played daily since December 1st!

I tried to get a shot of everything and there were two problems.  One, my lighting was horrible.  Two, Piper wanted to be involved.  She may think she is a reindeer too, I'm not sure.  Black and white was the only way to this terrible picture was tolerable, but you get the idea.

So, like I said, not a ton of Christmas, but just enough to make me smile.  The last two days I've acquired some really special items to add to my decorations for next year.  Slowly but surely my little collection is growing.  I hope you enjoyed.

Stay tuned, Erica has so much Christmas she may need to blog every day until Christmas!   There may be a joint Sister blog later this week too!

Always a Pleasure!


  1. I love all your vintage stuff!
    I'm so glad I have blogging friends who "get it"!

  2. It's enough to make me smile, too! I can't wait to see everything else you got!

  3. Hanna, your vintage decor is wonderful!! I love your ceramic tree, your gurley candles and your dala horses!!

  4. I hope you guys are having the best time! I was so jealous of your mimosa's this weekend!
    Your one antlered dream pet is so stinking cute! He must be from the island of misfit toys.

  5. Hope you 2 are having a blast! :)

  6. I love your decorations. Glad you're sharing them.

  7. Loving all the vintage Christmas! Can't believe only 9 days! Cliche, but where has this year gone? I am still writing 2012 occasionally!

    I've got some of the same Dala's & the white deer on the shelf with the Dream Pet. I think that's the only Dream Pet I've got too.

    The elf shakers need to tone it down on the lipstick - it's Christmas!

  8. What a beautiful Christmas collection! :)

  9. Have a great week in Eugene and so good to see you guys this weekend!

  10. Oh the horses and the decor! Love it all :D