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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Quick Post Before We Leave to Get Plucky

Happy Almost Weekend!

Tomorrow morning, we are headed up to Portland for our fun filled Sister/Maddie/Mom weekend.  I am super excited to see what awaits me at the Plucky show.  I'm on the hunt for Easter and anything that I can use to decorate my laundry room. Fingers crossed I find what I am looking for.

This last week I managed to hit the thrifts a few times.  Spring Cleaning is upon us so I have had quite a few bags of things to donate.  You really didn't expect me to just drop of my donations and leave, did you?

The pink 024 is a duplicate for me but for 99 cents I figured I may as well bring it home as a backup. Alex loves Strawberry Jello with Mandarin oranges and I always use this size of bowl to make it in.  With a teenage boy and Pyrex, it is always a good idea to have extras.  The Bearenstain Bears mug reminds me of when Maddie was little.  She was obsessed with that show!

More vintage pillow cases!  Can't ever seem to pass those up.

Another Bearenstain Bear mug, this one found at Value Village.  I never go into VV but Maddie was in desperate need of some shorts so we headed in to find her some.  The mug tree will get a makeover in a more Erica type of color and the Oregon souvenir glass is a replacement from when Alex fell in the box where I was storing the set and broke about half of them.  I am slowly finding the ones he broke.

I headed into a local antique mall on the hunt for some Easter stuff and found this sweet pair of bunnies.  The boy's glasses were broken so I got a good deal on the set...$5!  I think he looks like he is wearing a monocle.  The Catchword game will be added to my new vintage game collection.

I also got some more Made in Germany eggs.  After I bought these, I went to World Market and found that they do a really good reproduction, also made in Germany.  So now I'm not sure if I bought the real thing at the antique mall or if I ended up with repro's.  I don't care though because they are still super cute!

I got 4 of these egg boxes to add height to my displays.

Maddie found this magazine for me at Goodwill.  This along with a single paper egg are all that I have thrifted this year.  Not a whole lot of vintage Easter to be found.

That's all for now!  Gotta go pack and make sure that the laundry is done and there is food in the fridge for the boys.  Not sure what they are gonna do while Maddie and I are gone this weekend and truth be told, I'm not sure I want to know.

Next time....Easter Decorations!

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  1. Love the Pyrex Pink Flamingo. I had that one but traded it with my friend for another bowl. Happy hunting this weekend. I'm heading out tomorrow to hit some antique stores and thrift stores. Stopped at one on my way home today and got a vintage pitcher with stripes for $3. Can't wait to blog about it tomorrow.

  2. See you at Plucky tomorrow. Am sure you will find some Easter up here..you are good at the hunt!

  3. Cute finds. Have fun on your trip. Please come share a the Anything Goes linky, if you have the chance.

  4. Why don't you shop VV? It's my favourite thrift! They get all the good stuff. Love the bunnies. Have fun at Plucky.

  5. Your comment about making jello in that bowl reminded me of when my brothers were teenagers and would eat cereal out of pyrex mixing bowls! See you Friday as well -- feeling very Plucky!!

  6. I bought a couple eggs at Savers and wasn't sure if they were the real deal either... they were too cute to pass up ! they'll be vintage some day right ?!

  7. Wow, that was a great find on the Pyrex bowl for 99 cents! Score! Thanks for sharing at TTF!


  8. Good luck @ Plucky! Can't wait to see what you found!

  9. Those egg boxes are the best! Fabulous. Have fun at Plucky :) Stacey

  10. Oh, I need to get on Instagram to see what you and Magpie Ethel are finding today! I totally forgot you were going to be at the Plucky thing today!

  11. Oh, have lots of fun on your trip to Portland! My youngest daughter had tons of Bearenstain Bears books. She loved the show too! Love the vintage bunnies and I am drooling over that tole tray! Thanks for sharing with SYC.