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Monday, April 21, 2014

On The Way Out of Town...

On Friday, Maddie and I headed out early to go and pick up my mom so that we could all head up to Portland to spend the weekend with Hanna.  But before we left, I wanted to stop at an estate sale.  It started at 9:00 so we got there promptly at 8:30 and were number 3 on the list.

The sale was a combination of 2 estates and was full of more vintage goodness than I have seen at a sale in a really long time.

Be prepared....I bought a lot of stuff.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

Straight to the kitchen area (of course) and this was the first thing I saw.  I knew it was going to be a good sale!

Drink caddy full of Hazel Atlas turquoise glasses.  Maddie found this Pelican Cooler Thermos and was so proud of herself!

I see these scales from time to time at the thrift but have always passed them up.  The aqua ice maker is just like the pink one I found at an estate sale a couple of years ago.

This old cupboard door is destined for a project.  Any suggestions?

I always grab the old Atlas jars, especially if they have the HA logo on them.  I passed by the McCoy planter on the way to the kitchen area and was surprised to see that nobody had grabbed it when I saw it again about 15 minutes later.  Although I don't normally pick up milk glass, I really liked these candle holders and figure they would be cute for a Spring centerpiece.

I've started a small collection of vintage cowboy things and figured this old fruitcake tin would fit in with my display pretty nicely.

Maddie brought me this chopper and fired on dessert cup.  She has got a good eye!

She also found the old Yahtzee dice and cup along with the Dominoes game.  The bunny planter will have to be put away until next year.

I bought the old coffee jar because I thought the graphics would be perfect for the 4th of July.  The Thermoware bowl will be good for Summer.  I wish I could have found more!

I also picked up some vintage Tupperware.  The covered containers are great for marinating!

I have a big stack of these frames just waiting to be painted.

Isn't this stack of sheets and pillowcases so pretty and Springy?

At this point, I thought I was done.  At the beginning of the sale, one of the people giving it told us all that nothing was priced but that they would give us a really good deal because they wanted to get rid of everything.  I have bought lots of things from this particular company before so I knew they would be true to their word.  So when I went to pay, the lady behind the table asked me if it would be okay if she just gave me a bulk price of $20.00.  Uh, yes! 

So after Maddie & I loaded up the car, I decided to do one more walk through just to make sure I hadn't missed anything in my first frenzy.  The first thing I spotted was what looked to be an untouched Rubbermaid container with linens in it shoved under a table.

I found this set of 4 napkins

And this stack of pretty embroidered pillowcases.
And all of these amazing tablecloths.
But the best part of the whole sale was when a super nice patron of the sale let me have all of this because he was more a collector of Fire King...
The 401 and 402 from the Blue Americana set.
And an unmarked blue 401, Blue Stripe 401, and two small bowls from the Hostess set.
He has some good karma heading his way!
So once again, the sellers gave me a bulk price on all of the linens and Pyrex.  Ready for it?  8 bucks. 
Needless to say, I was late picking up my mom because I had to drive back home to unload my car.  But I was so giddy, I didn't care!
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Next time, Plucky finds!


  1. The first thing that comes to my mind is . . . WOW! Fabulous treasures.

  2. You are the Pyrex Queen!
    I always think about buying that long green Tupperware to prepare romaine and throw it in, but yeah, I am lazy & it never happens.

  3. Wonderful sale!!! Great treasures at super prices! Those tablecloths are gorgeous and I love that set of turquoise glasses!

  4. That is a totally amazing amount of good karma that followed you that day, a memorable in for sure and the prices are amazing..good eye for all those pieces that you and your sister found! I would of been squealing and breathless! :)

  5. Wow you got some awesome deals for some awesome stuff. I'm going to a 7 mile yard sale this Saturday. Can't wait to see what bargains I can find.

  6. You got some incredible treasures. Love the pretty linens and all of your cowboy things. It's nice to find things to add to our collections. Enjoy your week! I actually did a thrift finds post today, too! Hugs!

  7. Wow! Those embroidered pillow cases alone are treasures! You are a great shopper. What a day! =)

  8. I have been eyeing that green Tupperware dish, was it a celery keeper? My Mom had that, maybe it's still there.

    I can't even imagine getting all that stuff at once, you are surely in the land of plenty - plenty of vintage!

  9. Worth the morning detour when you score like this. Glad you made a second trip through the sale. I always make a couple of runs through if the sale is really good as I always miss something on the first run through.

  10. WOW! What a haul. Can't believe those prices. All of those linens for $8.00. I'm jealous! LOL

    I am new to your blog and your newest follower.


  11. WHAT?!?!? THIS IS ALL A MEAN JOKE ISN'T IT?!?! I freakin' love EVERYTHING you bought. SO jealous right now (and I even had a decent Pyrex haul this weekend)!

  12. You have got to be kidding! Great score would be an understatement. I'm so glad you went back for a second look. Just imagine what you would find if you went back a third time!

  13. I used to think old Tupperware was hideous and useless. And then I got some in a box lot at an auction with something else I wanted and I have been hooked ever since. Man, that stuff is crazy useful! LOL

  14. I would have loved that estate sale you got so many great things.
    Have a wonderful week.

  15. Amazing! I would have been ready to go back home to bed after that score. That fired on sherbert glass is Hazel Atlas platonite glass, have lots of it and love the sherbets. Ah, those linens! Fabu! Love it all.

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  17. Erica, I honestly cannot believe your luck! How can that be? LOL I adore the Pelican cooler, the Blue Pyrex, and the jar! Fantastic finds! We like all the same things. Stacey

  18. MY GOSH! Soooooo much great loot! The table cloths, they Pyrex, I LOVE those turquoise diamond glasses in the carrier! And Maddie is quite the eagle eye! Yeash, you all are making me green with envey! Haha happy hunting!

  19. I am soooooooo jealous!!! The Pyrex, vintage linens, aqua glassware...Swoon!

  20. WOW! You hit the jackpot!!! Sales like that are one in a million, at least around here! I LOVE all of your finds-how fun!!! Hope your mom wasn't too upset. My mom would be fine once I explained the treasures and the prices!

  21. Wow! Some incredible deals! Beautiful linens! Can't wait to see what becomes of the cabinet door :)

  22. So much eye candy! The aqua jumps out and me and my heart swoons for that color. What fabulous finds!

  23. SHUT UP!!! $8 for all of that treasure?! I'm at a loss for words...

  24. WOW I love the Hazel Atlas turquoise glasses so much!

  25. Ack! Sooooo jealous! $8??? Fabulous finds!!!!!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn