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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sister Weekend Part 2

Happy Saturday!

Is it just me, or did the week fly by?  Nothing too exciting has been going on around here.  Torrential downpours have hindered any kind of fun, outdoor Spring Break activities.  But what can I expect?  I live in Oregon!

I'm still on a major high from that amazing Pyrex haul I found on Monday.  I can honestly say that even if I don't find anymore pieces in the thrift for the next several months, I'll be happy.  Between all of the Rainbow Stripes I found the other day and the Green New Dot I found a few weeks ago, I just don't think things can get any better.  I am passing my Pyrex Karma onto all of you guys now. Good luck!

Now, onto the last of what I found when Hanna visited a couple of weekends ago.

We hit a few antique malls on Saturday.  Jadeite is getting to be so expensive that when I find a piece that is priced reasonably, I grab it!  Vintage glassware is on the top of my list to look for, especially the larger sized tumblers.  The perfectly rusty dust pan will go outside with my Summer decor when I finally get to get it out!

Just in time for Easter, a trio of sweet bunnies with puffy tails!

I finally found some sweet Easter candles and in the original box!  And the vintage Easter egg decorating kit is what I hope to be the start of a new collection.  I love going to the flea market during the holidays!

We hit a couple of thrifts while we were out and about and these two mugs were all I found.

Maddie found herself some books at the flea market, including the one about the Dionne Quintuplets.  She studied them in school last year and has been very interested in them since then.

It's a rare occasion that I pass up anything cowboy/cowgirl related.

More flea market finds.  I love how the flower frog is still in its original packaging with the label still attached.  The door knob will be repurposed into something.  The last two I found I had Brian make into hand towel holders for the bathroom using old door plates.  I think I will have him do another one for the laundry room.

Another cute children's magazine (Easter themed!) and a box of vintage cards.

All of the cards are different and none of them have been used.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  I love how the Report Card on the "Hmm!  Could be better!" card is removable.

I think that vintage decorating supplies are so sweet!  These two sprinkle jars bring my total to three, an official collection!  This shaker matches one I found at an estate sale last Summer.  I really want to try and find some decals small enough for them.

I would love to find an authentic vintage Jadeite cake stand but like that's gonna happen!  Can you imagine if I did how much it would cost?  So until someone just gives me one, I have absolutely no issues with buying reproductions, especially when they are this pretty!

Lastly, after saying goodbye to Hanna in Portland, Maddie and I stopped at a little town off of I5 for lunch.  After we ate, we checked out a couple of the antique malls that they are know for.  Very nice things, but a little too Victorian for my tastes.  I did manage to find this perfectly pink and springy tablecloth though.  It's not like I wouldn't come away with something!

A really, really fun weekend overall!  Hanna, Maddie, and I always have the best time when we are together, even if we don't do anything but hang out at my house.  All of the treasure we find are just icing on the cake.  Can't wait for Plucky Maidens weekend!

Liking up with The Cottage Market for Junkin' Joe & How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday.

Have a great day!



  1. Love the cards. Vintage greeting cards have made it to the top of my thrifting wish list - probably because they are the only thing that seems obtainable anymore in a thrift store regularly near me. Even I'm still feeling your Pyrex high. I got so jealous when I went to 7 thrift stores Friday & saw only 4 faded pieces of Pyrex!

  2. Send the rain our way! We could definitely use it! What a good looking hall, im jealous of your stripe bowls!

  3. I love all of your vintage finds! I can't even put my finger on a favorite but the books are adorable!

  4. Great finds. Those bunnies with fluffy tails are so cute!!!

  5. How neat to see the floral frog still in it's wrapper. And I love that bunny magazine! I would also love to find a jadite cake plate. I wouldn't care either if it was new. Better add that to my list!
    Great finds. It's good to know that you girls have so much fun together!
    Erica :)

  6. Erica!!!

    I can not get OVER the amazing finds you have, every post! That floral frog is seriously cool. The Easter stuff is darling. I found a PAAS set once too, but it wasn't quite as vintage as yours :-)

    And where can I get myself one of those adorable dustpans? (File that under things I never thought I'd say.)

    Heather @ Lark & Lola

  7. Maddie always finds the best books! Love the Quint one. Glad you had a great weekend.

  8. Your dustpan looks so familiar, I think my Mom had a yellow one with flowers on it, funny how certain things can stir a memory....

  9. I love the cake stand. I'm not sure there actually are original jadeite cake stands? I'd love to find one - original or repro. I had some of the repro measuring cups, but my mom eye'd them longingly the last time she was at my house, so they went home with her, lol!

    Great stuff!