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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Little Bit Here & There

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

It's been a busy week so far.  Last weekend, Hanna visited and we headed to a couple of flea markets and antique malls.  I got a pretty good haul but it is all still sitting on the table in my bedroom waiting to be photographed and put away.  It's a good thing I have some backup stuff to show you.

Last week, Maddie and I headed into town to get some frozen yogurt.  The shop that we stopped at just so happened to be right next to the new location of one of our local antique malls.  It's an awesome store.  Very MCM and industrial.  They don't have a lot in the way of vintage kitchen but they did have these!  Two souvenir glasses that didn't already have in my collection.

Last week when I picked up the Fire King Red Dots bowl, I also found this vintage Easter egg and globe bank at the same Goodwill. 

Since our laundry room has been getting a facelift, I've been picking up things here and there to decorate with when it's done.  I'd love to get a collection of the clotheslines going.  And I need to figure out how and what I am going to hang from the green thingie.

I had to go to the DMV the other day which just so happens to be right next to a Goodwill so I had an excuse to pop in.  I can recognize a Starbucks mug from a mile away.  The Fire King Snoopy mugs are always good sellers.

I couldn't resist the colors on this metal Address box.  I bought it off of Instagram. And I've been needing a new set of measuring cups so why not buy some Jadeite ones?  I won't tell that they are repros if you don't.

I picked up a couple aqua melmac bowls for my cat.  What, you think I have ugly food dishes for her?  I was super happy to find the Betty Crocker Dinner in a Dish cookbook at the same thrift.  It is one that I have wanted forever.

Isn't this a lovely stack of vintage sheets and pillowcases?  All thrifted!

That's all for now!  Have a good week :-)

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  1. Great stuff! I love the pink pencil sharpener and those measuring cups!
    I still haven't been doing much buying. But I did score a pair of Holt Howard Santa candle holders at the Goodwill, marked 1.99 each! You should have seen how fast I grabbed them! Haa! I even scared myself a bit!
    Erica :)

    1. hahaha I wondered why you needed a pencil sharpener in your laundry room! lol JK

  2. I recently purchased the identical metal address box at an estate sale!

  3. I like how often as if by magic there is a thrift store or GW next to the spot you are running an errand. Your errands give you even more incentive to run them!

  4. Great finds, I so love that Snoopy mug, aw, Snoopy :) Pretty linens, too. That's a great idea to use the vintage clotheslines in your laundry rooms, that's gonna look great. Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party this week, take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  5. Congrats on finding "Dinner in a Dish." I bought the same cookbook in the summer, and I love its illustrations.

  6. Wonderful finds. And... I love reproduction jadeite too... so I can use it everyday and not just look at it :)

  7. Are you loving Instagram? So many pretty pictures and different things for sale. I'm having to slow down with the paypal email and zip code. Getting a little over excited over here!
    Loving the Jadeite measuring cups (I would have never know the were repro) and the pillow cases.

  8. Let me know if you make anything from Dinner in a Dish. I made the Potato Puff (towards the end of the book.) It's kind of a hoot!

  9. I'd live a set of those measuring cups, repro or not! I'd actually prefer repro so I could use them without worrying too much.

    And love the pencil sharpener too! Totally blah things... until you find them vintage in gorgeous colors. Now I need one ;-)

    Heather @ Lark & Lola

  10. I remember having a bank just like that one!!

  11. I saw a bank like that this week. Probably only there because it was dented. Every time I see a vintage sheet in the thrift, I think of you!

  12. Great Finds! I love those Jadeite cups!

  13. I just found your blog love it!! Do you sell on ebay or esty?