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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Flea Market Sunday

Happy Saturday, Blog Friends!
Today is a big day for basketball in my household.  Arizona (our team) is playing Oregon so Alex and Brian will be headed out to Matt Knight Arena this afternoon.  Yes, I'm aware that I live in Oregon and even went to the U of O but you just can't beat Wildcat basketball!  Then as soon as that game is over, we are headed up to Salem for the high school state basketball playoffs.  This could potentially be the last game I ever get to watch Alex play in.  For 10 years, basketball has consumed my life 9 months out of the year.  It's definitely bittersweet.  Fingers crossed both Arizona & Thurston win!! 
Last weekend was the flea market and even though I had spent the entire day prior treasure hunting in Portland, you can bet I was still there bright and early.  I also recently found a folder on my computer with pictures from the flea market from a couple of months ago that I haven't shared.  I guess when you tend to bring home as much stuff as I do, things can get forgotten!

Pyrex at the flea is pretty uncommon but pink Pyrex at the flea is unheard of.  I am one 502 away from completing my second set!

There are so many possibilities for this old wood tote.  I know I have tons of things pinned on Pinterest.

These cuties were from a sweet little old man who rented a table for just one weekend to get rid of some of his "junk".  He sold me all of these for 3 bucks!

More fun kitchen stuff that I have tons of but still managed to make it's way home with me.

And more.

And more.  The jar is actually the second one that I have found.

I love the lid.

I love the Mexican themed decal on the front of this jar and the planter is the perfect color!

I am a firm believer that you can't ever have enough sweet deer friends!  I dug through a lot of cards and was rewarded with the cute donkey themed get well one.  And how great is the elephant lamp?  It works too!

Maddie was wore out from Saturday's adventures so she stayed in bed and skipped the flea but I still brought her something home.  She loves the little plastic pig banks.  I love the pink pie bird!!  It's always exciting to add something to a collection.


Love the graphics on this tablecloth!  It's a little faded but I plan on using it on one of my outdoor tables when the weather warms up so I don't mind.

This was the second time in a row that I found blue mason jars for cheap at the flea!

I have a serious weakness for old cookbooks.

And linens.

And I'm also not one to pass up a pumpkin candle, especially when it's free.

Not a bad haul.  I just wish I had Maddie or Hanna with me.  It gets kind of lonely wandering throughout the flea market by myself!  Hanna will be here next weekend and we will be headed out of town to another market.  I can't wait to spend some sister time doing what we love to do the most, treasure hunting & cocktailing just not at the same time of course.  Well, at least not this time :-)

Linking up with Junkin' Joe & Pink Saturday.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!



  1. Hi Erica..Oh I love all your finds!!! I would get so excited to find these treasures.
    Loved my visit...have a wonderful pink Saturday!

  2. You are very fortunate to find all these great treasures.

  3. I especially love the tray and the tins. My favorite activity is finding treasures.

  4. Always need a second set of any pattern!

    I *might* get lucky next weekend to score a deer figurine... might venture to A USA antique market! Usually a little more interesting than ours.

    I only have the 2 pink 501's. Still working on my first set. Love the donkey card.

  5. That elephant lamp is killing me. Love it! Have fun watching hoops.

  6. Love all your treasures but the pink pie bird is my favourite. HPS Michelle

  7. I would love to find one of those deer some day! ♥

  8. That's a GREAT haul!!! You are right, it IS always fun to bring something home to add to your collection! I'm just 2 pieces away from finishing my pink gooseberry refrigerator set-talk about impossible to find!!

  9. Some great and interesting finds! Love the pink pie bird (pink bird thingy) and the second linen on the table ... and the baking stuff! Enjoyed my visit. Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Great finds.
    We have been enjoying our WSU Shockers. They have now won 33 straight games. They are a great group of guys and we are so proud of them. Not just proud of their wins but because they are unselfish and good men.

  11. Hope you find your pink fridgie, I have great faith that you will!

  12. There is never a scarcity of old kitchen stuff at the flea market--you must be in heaven every time you go! Not so for me (pout), I dare not pay that $7.50 entrance fee to walk out empty handed! Can't wait to see what you find at the next one!!! Love seeing you post all those old kitchen goodies!

  13. That Arizona-Oregon game turned out to be a great one!
    Good finds for you, too. I especially like the books.

  14. Thank you for sharing all your fabulous finds! It is always fun for me to see what others collect and find! Visiting from Pink Saturday!

  15. Pink pyrex is one of my fav colors in pyrex - score! I love old linens too. Sweet finds.


  16. Pink kitchen things are so hard to find here...love that pie bird and Pyrex! You made a great haul!!!