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Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Been Awhile

Sorry for the title Sister, I couldn't help myself.  Sister Hanna here, ready to share some things that I really should have shared last weekend.  The husband started a business and I am now working our local Sunday market, so my blogging and thrifting time has been limited.  I told him I would give a shout out, so if you are interested in some delicious Oregon truffle oil, made from dog harvested Oregon truffles, (Xylo the dog finds the them) check us out at:
Xylo's Truffle Oil
We went to a great sale 2 weekends ago that was advertising windows.  I have been wanting to buy some to build a small greenhouse because tomatoes do so poorly where I live.  I managed to get 5 windows for that project along with 2 beautiful multi-paned windows.  These were used to make a greenhouse on the set for the show Grimm that is filmed in the Portland area.  The woman's husband works on the set and they were going to throw them away!  I got these beauties for $15 a piece and the husband hung them up for me!  Sorry for the poor shots, they sit on either side of my trundle bed, but the room is so small I couldn't get them in one picture:

I will have to find a way to show you both of them on the wall, they look amazing!

Keeping the husband busy, I finally got him to spray paint the Borg scale that Sister talked me into.  I'm not a pink person, but I love this fully functioning retro scale in my bathroom:
And, I felt so bad for Deer Gloria waiting for Sister to come (which is next weekend,) that I bought her a friend.  This is my new little deer who is still unnamed.  They are so cute next to my Pyrex!

Happy Thrifting.  I have Friday off and hope to find some goodies in the morning!
~Sister Hanna

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