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Friday, May 4, 2012

Did Y'all Miss Me?

I'm back!  Hi everyone!  It's Sister Erica here. I've been away from the blog for a little bit. I figured I'd let Sister have the spotlight for awhile since she normally doesn't find a lot of thrifting treasures to share with you. But hasn't she been lucky lately?  I love that she is finally having some luck in her dismal coastal town.

Here are a few things that I have found since I have been away
When I was little I was OBSESSED with Archie comics.  I would spend hours reading and re-reading them.  I would go to garage sales with my aunt and hunt for them.  My mom would never buy them for me at the store because she didn't think they were quality reading.  But my dad would!  I remember going fishing with him and my nose was always buried in one of my comics. Dad would always have to watch my pole. If I got a bite, he'd set the hook and hand it to me. But once that fish was reeled in, back to my book I would go. I was thrilled to find these at St. Vincent's. 
Like Sister, I also love anything bird related.  I found these cute wall pocket planters and Made in Japan salt and pepper shakers at a moving sale. It was supposed to open at 8 but when I showed up at 7:30, there were already people mulling around and carting things out to their cars. Oh the panic!  I hate it when sales open early unless of course I am already in line.  I also got the old plant stand that these are sitting on. I will show you all a full picture later.
How funny are these "Party Badges"?  I am guessing they are to help you remember your name in case you get a little wild and have too much to drink.  I got these cookie cutters at the same sale for Maddy.  She is starting to collect old ones.  Funny story about this estate sale.  It was given by a company called Rare Bird.  I have seen their ads in the paper and always thought "what kind of birds do they have?"  The never listed what they had for sale, just "Rare Bird Estate Sale Saturday 9-4".  Then I was driving down the road one day and I saw a sign for them.  I followed the sign and imagine my surprise when I found that it was AN ACTUAL ESTATE SALE FOR ACTUAL ESTATE ITEMS-Not Rare Birds!  Sister, stop laughing at me!

I have no idea where I got these books from.  I have seriously been to so many sales lately that it's hard to keep track.  But don't be jealous, readers.  Seriously, for every 10 I go to, I may manage to find one good one.  The illustrations in these books are really fun.  Also, the seller is one smart cookie when it comes to selling books (or maybe they just have common sense).  Anyway, instead of putting a gooey price sticker on these, they ever so lightly wrote in pencil on the inside cover.  After my fiasco with the vintage cook books a few weeks ago, I am really hesitant to buy any soft cover books with price stickers on them.
I got these Made in Japan tea bag holders at an estate sale right down the road from my house. I found one in the kitchen and the rest scattered throughout the rest of the house.  I even found one in the garage! 
Vintage Valentines!  I can't wait to use these next Valentine's Day in my decorations.  No idea how I am going to use them yet but I promise I will keep them exactly as they are. No cutting or gluing these cuties! 

Not too much longer to Memorial Day weekend.  Sister and I have BIG plans to visit the World's Longest Garage Sale.  Oh, I hope the weather cooperates.  It will be a long day.  Hopefully someone will be serving refreshments (you know what kind I mean, Sister).

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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