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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Other Sister is Back

Yes readers, I did manage to make it back from Vegas in one piece (barely).  I am still tackling the HUGE pile of laundry that awaited my return as well as trying to get everybody back on their regular schedule.  As Sister told you in her last blog, I did manage to find a few exciting things while in Vegas but those will have to wait.  I still need to clean them up and photograph them before I can share them with you.  So until then, here are the last of my picks from the week before I left.
Pyrex Red 4 Quart 404 from the Friendship Mixing Bowl Set
As I was out at some estate sales on Friday morning, I checked Craigslist and found one that had posted that morning for a 12:30 pm start time.  It was being given by a local estate sales company that usually has some really good prices and pretty nice stuff.  I was number 29 in line and lucky for me they let the first 30 people in at the beginning.  Of course, I went straight to the kitchen.  I already got this red 404 for Christmas (thanks, Sister!).  But I never have come across another one.  I find the yellow 404's ALL THE TIME.  So of course I bought it.  I just couldn't leave it behind.
Here are a few of the other things I found while in the kitchen.  See the Bakelite utensil?  It's an angel food cake cutter.  Who would have ever thought that they made a specific kitchen tool to cut angel food cake?  Those vintage kitchen utensil designers sure were smart. 
Check out how cute the label is on this little jar of sprinkles.  How could I pass her up?
More pottery.  In my defense it was almost 48 hours since I had bought my last piece.

And some cute vintage Christmas linens.  I don't think it's ever too early to pick up these kind of things.

The next morning, Miss Maddy and I headed off to another sale that started early in the morning.  She is my little trooper! 
I picked up this aqua Tupperware colander, Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book, two Swanky Swigs, and an extra refrigerator dish lid.  You just never know when you might come across a 502 refrigerator dish without a lid.  I also got a couple of vintage tablecloths with super cute patterns.  They did have some stains on them but lucky for me, my aunt was also at the sale so she gave me a tip on how to get the stains out.  I will be sure to post those pics when I get around to washing them.

Just heard the dryer go off.  Time to fold ANOTHER load.  I swear my kids wore every item of clothing they owned while I was gone.  Check back in the next day or so for what Miss Maddy and I found while we did a little thrifting after the early morning estate sale. 

Happy Tuesday, Thrifter Buddies!

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