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Saturday, March 10, 2012

One of My Stranger Days of Thrifting

I swear it is such torture hearing of all the fun Sister has all week, and I'm cooped up in my classroom teaching middle schoolers that don't realize how appreciative they should be that I'm there with them instead of doing what I love even more:  Some good, dirty thrift store digging.  Don't get me wrong, I do like my job on most days, but I dream of the day when I too will get to have some more free time to hit estate sales on a day other than Saturday.  Summer can't get here sooner.  Well enough complaining!  The husband and I did get out for a little bit today, and well, lets just say our loot was quite interesting.

At a thrift store down the coast, we quickly cruised through and came out empty handed.  When we walked out I noticed from the store front that we missed half the store, so I drug the husband back in.  There was nothing special in the second half of the store either, but as we walked out, something green and beer related caught my eye:

You may be asking, what is this?  Well it is a Heineken air force helmet thing.  The husband says it is the kind of helmet that people who work on a deck of an aircraft carrier wear.  I'm pretty sure I've never looked out the window on the runway and seen something like this, but whatever.  Did we buy it?  Yes.  What will we do with it?  I think I need to go to an air show and wear it for my own personal entertainment.  Or maybe the husband should wear it, since he is a little adventurous when drinking.  We will have to see.  So for now we will just use it so that all of you can laugh at what an idiot I look like in it.  Happy thrifting, I will show you my more traditional finds tomorrow!
Thrifter Sister Hanna

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