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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Few Things off My List

Like most thrifters, I keep a list of things to look for when I am out at the thrift stores.  Some of things that I need I will actually use and some are things that I just want because I think I need them.  Some things don't even need to serve any other purpose other than to make me happy.

With no school on Friday and no good yard sales to keep us around, Miss Maddy and I headed out of town to pick in some unfamiliar territory.  We found lots of treasures, some on the list and some not. Here are a few of the highlights....

Both things in this picture would fall under the "Need" catagory.  I have been wanting a scoop for a while to keep in my big sugar canister to make it easier to refill the sugar bowl on the counter.  The Pyrex turquoise 024 2-quart round casserole was needed because....
It was the last one I needed to complete the set! 

Remember my Blakely Oil Company Arizona Barrel Cactus pitcher?  Well lucky me!  I found 5 more glasses to go with it.  Only two more to go.  I still need the Ocotillo & Suguaro to complete the set.  It's so much fun to run across these in person rather than go and buy them all together on eBay or etsy.

After I found these glasses, I started thinking about how I wanted to display them all along with the pitcher.  I decided to try to find some sort of vintage tray to keep them on.  So while we were at Goodwill, I thought I'd look for one.  There were a total of 3 metal trays to choose from and look at what I found...
A vintage Arizona Grand Canyon souvenier tray.  What a crazy coincidence!  It's perfect for what I needed it for.  Talk about the power of positive thinking.  Damn, I should have been thinking about those super rare pink Pyrex refrigerator dishes I have been lusting after!

As we were heading home, we decided to stop at one of my favorite little antique malls that I never really get a chance to go to because it pretty far away from my house.  It was at this mall that Miss Maddy got to cross something off of her list....
She is facinated by typewriters and has wanted one forever.  So how lucky was she to have found one that still worked and came with the cover and hard case for $5.00?  Now if the rest of us could just tune out the constant tap tap tap......

Happy Almost First Day of Spring!


  1. Great colors for our new season - Happy First Day of Spring!!

  2. HUZZAH! We have the same 2qt set, congrats on its completion! (The hardest one for me to get was the plain yellow)Themore I see you post those glasses, the mor eit makes me wish I had a house in Arizona or New Mexico or HECK even here in Texas that I could theme around them. ya know out in the country with cactus and sage. Oh and with loads of "waggon wheel furniture" (but classier than the "When Harry Met Sally- 'I will never want that waggon wheel coffee table' kind"!