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Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas From Astoria

Happy Monday Friends, Hanna here!  I am finally on winter break, am enjoying a quiet day at home, and playing catch up.  I figured I better share my Christmas displays before I run out of time.  This has been a very crafty season.  Last weekend at Erica's I got a little wild and ended up making 2 wreaths, fixing Erica's ornament wreath, and crafting a few other goodies.  The weekend before I made myself a new ornament wreath also.  Who knew this prego girl would be so crafty?  I'm guessing it is the lack of cocktail consumption and the fact that I'm a busy body in general.  Erica calls it nesting.  Whatever it is, I have to say I am a lucky girl that Erica has a phenomenal stash of goodies to craft with and lets me go wild.  Here is what was created:
I had to steal this one from Erica's Instagram because I realized I didn't get any pictures of her wreaths.  I really am loving how kitschy they all are.
Here is the red tinsel wreath I made along with the ornament wreath Erica and I made together a few years ago.
This is my new ornament wreath.  I made it with really small ornaments and could not believe how many this baby could hold!  I think it is my favorite wreath I own.
I bought this industrial muffin tin for Erica probably 3 or 4 Christmas's ago and she has never found a place to put it.  I decided it was perfect to contain tiny Christmas scenes.  This turned out so good, I wish I had some close ups of each of these little scenes.

There is no Christmas tree at my house this year.  Partly because I don't trust the cats or Piper and partly because Matt is a little bit of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas.  He is well aware this is the last year he gets to enjoy a tree free house with baby on the way.  I need to give him credit because he did put lights on our entire house while I was at Erica's, but I'm happy to say the no Christmas tree streak will be ending .   With this being the last year without baby, I tried to keep the Christmas relatively contained.  Most of it fit on my big bookshelf and on top of our entertainment center.
 I love that all my deer get to be reindeer this time of year!

This elf is my most favorite find of the season.  He moves and plays jingle bells.  He really is the creepiest elf I own.

Onto the book shelf where there was a slight attempt to stick with a theme on each shelf:
Sweet little deer friends.
 Elf and knee hugger land.
 Mug madness.
 Mostly Santa.
Gurley candles and kind of a catch all.

I'm really happy with the end result (forgive the depressing lighting of the Oregon coast):

That's all for me for this Christmas.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday with their families.  This is definitely a Christmas of anticipation for us as we continue to get more and more excited for miss Norah to arrive!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Those deer bookends are adorable! I love your Christmas decor. Next year you'll have to get the tree to end all trees to make up for the years without one :) A real Clark Griswold kind of one!

  2. Your wreaths are just great!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Your wreaths turned out fabulous. You are channeling some amazing crafty energy during your pregnancy. You have such an amazing collection of deer. I love those bookends. Wishing a very merry Christmas!!

  4. Looking festive. Glad that Matt has come around that next year there will be a tree for that new wee one that is coming!

  5. Norah is a beautiful name! I'm so excited for you guys!
    Your decorations are so cute! lol That elf looks like he's doing yoga!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Erica :)

  6. I have been reading your blog after finding you on Pyrex Collective I, II & III. I have just bought a couple of things Pyrex & Fire King, also a Made in Portugal item & a cute planter/jar stamped Japan. I am not sure what all I have, but I will be researching on the internet to see what exactly I do. I just know that I love the way they look. They caught my eye above everything else on the shelves. I have several thrift stores in my area that I can go to during the week since I work weekends. I don't get to go to yard sales or estate sales since I am usually at work. But I think I will take some weekends off this summer to hit up a few. I really love reading your blog! I am learning quite a bit & I hope to someday have 1/2 of the collection that both you sisters have!! Thanks for all you post & the generosity of the wealth of knowledge you make available to us newbies via your blog!! Looking forward to what can be found in this new year!! Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Oh my STARS!!! I have stars in my eyes for those GORGEOUS WREATHS!!!! You sisters KILL ME! All your Christmas collection is just delectable. I feel lucky to "know" you girls! All I want is everything you own.


  8. Merry late Christmas! I love all of your decorations, and you gals have the BEST wreaths!