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Monday, September 22, 2014

This Address Seems Familiar...

Happy Last Day of Summer!

Friday, I headed to the one and only sale that looked good for the whole weekend.  As I was following my GPS route, I started to realize that I had traveled down these same streets and taken these same turns a couple of weeks ago.  As I came to my destination, I found that I had gone to a sale at this very same address a couple of weeks ago.  I had pretty good luck the first time so I wondered if they were just trying to sell what was left or if they had brought more stuff in from somewhere else.

The super nice ladies running the sale informed me that there had been a storage unit that wasn't included in the first sale because the family hadn't gone through it yet.  Once they did, they hauled what they decided not to keep back to the house to have another sale. 

Here is what I found at the original sale...

I cleaned out the linen closet of all the vintage pillow cases!

I also found some awesome vintage towels in some great prints and colors.

And another pink bedspread exactly like the one I found a few months ago.  The only difference?  I paid $3 for the first one and a whole buck for this one!

Although I didn't need these Pyrex tea and coffee pots, they were complete and only 2 bucks each.  I figure someone will want them!

I picked up these nut cups and silver sprinkles for my cake decorating collection.  I have got to do a separate post of that shelf for those of you who aren't on Instagram.  It's so cute!

I loved the colors and design on these Deka cups.  Any idea of the age?

I keep talking about making a thermos into a lamp like Pam over at House of Hawthornes.  Now I don't have an excuse not to.  Can you believe I found a thermos and a lamp shade for it at the same sale?

So for the second part of the sale, they had everything in boxes out in the garage.  The house was closed up this time.  There was really no rhyme or reason to the boxes so if you didn't want to miss anything, you had to dig through every, single one.  Laurie, this would have been a fun sale for you!

This match box holder has seen better days but I collect them so obviously had to buy it.  Old Christmas tins are one of my newer Christmas collections.  I may or may not have this one but I wasn't taking a chance.

I love how this old milk jar still has the original lid on it.

I picked up this old sewing box thinking Maddie could use it to store some of her crafting supplies.

It was chock full of some great old sewing notions.  Anybody know what that pink thing is on top?

This cookbook is a duplicate for me so I will be selling it in my Instagram shop.

These old seed catalogs are awesome!!  They have some amazingly colorful graphics that are perfect for framing.

There was no price on the red tin or pink Melmac serving piece so the nice lady said "Oh, that must mean they are free!".  So she gave them to me.  How nice was that?

I can never seem to pass up these metal molds and tart tins even though I have yet to find a use for them.  I know there are probably a million ideas on Pinterest.  I just need to find the time and motivation!

When I can hit a sale or two like these, it makes me sad that the season is coming to an end.  But I think this is a pretty good send off!

Heading over to Sir Thrift-A-Lots for Thriftasaurus.

Have a great week!



  1. Great finds! And back in the 1970's I had a pink "afro comb" like the one in the top of your sewing box. Perms were the thing, and I used mine fluff out my blond "afro." Hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. You got some great stuff and your prices are so much better than they are here in Chicago.

    I have almost the exact same sewing box, only in green. My cousin brought it back from Viet Nam for me when he as stationed there in the mid 1960's. I've kept it and used it all these years.

  3. Love those towels. I always look for ones like that, but rarely find them. I also love the Pyrex teapot! I have the same one, and the coffee percolator--we experimented one day Pyrex percolated coffee vs. coffee maker coffee. WOW, percolated coffee is out of this world better!


  4. I have that same Christmas tin!!

    I just bet there are some cute pages in the seed catalogs!!!

  5. Super cute finds! Love the pink melmac tray!

  6. Digging through boxes...my very favorite kind of sale. I could dig for hours if the digging is good.

  7. Great finds the first and second time around!!

  8. Well there you go. You have to make a thermos lamp then! I love those sales you have to dig through boxes at. It's the thrill of the hunt, Baby!

  9. What a fun sale! I'm especially loving the idea of a few "free" items too. SCORE! Digging is my favorite kind of sale. You really did well. Can't wait to see your thermos lamp. I need to part with one of mine so that we can have one of these cool lamps at our a-frame.

  10. Such good stuff. I'm a sucker for sewing boxes. You must have a huge linen closet. :)

  11. Finding all those treasures at one place is amazing. I agree the ink thing is for fluffing out hair. Love the red sewing box.

  12. The red tin was free! Wow. I love finding old sewing baskets filled with goodies. Anxious to see your cake decorating post of your finds.

  13. Wow what awesome finds!! You always find so many treasures!! Love the sewing box and so neat the milk bottle with the original lid!! Happy Fall!! xo Holly

  14. Well, lightning can strike twice! I love a sale where digging is required and free items pop up. The sewing box is my favorite.

  15. You find the best stuff! I'm pretty sure my mom has the pink version of that blue flowered towel or something very close!

  16. I love all your vintage linens! And I wouldn't pass on the tart tins either. The Vintage Bliss Tuesdays linky party is in full swing, if you'd like to link up. :) Jo


  17. Hi there, I hopped over from Adirondack Girl. LOVE all of your Vintage finds! Love your blog name :) Blessings, Cecilia

  18. Love all the finds and how cool that you found stuff the second time. I am hooked on old sewing notions so I love sewing boxes. Congrats on being the blog of the week over at Adirondack Girl.

  19. Yep, the pink thing is called a "Pick". It is for picking out the curls without straightening the hair. I had an afro too!