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Monday, June 2, 2014

A Happy Thursday Sale

Happy Monday!

We are still getting ready for the big graduation party this weekend so I only had Thursday and Friday to hunt last week.  Lucky for me, there was a sale that started on Thursday then one on Friday given by my favorite estate sale company.  Even though I missed out on some sales that started Saturday, I was able to find enough stuff on those other days to keep me happy.

I paid $3 for this beautiful pink bedspread.  The tag said it had some stains but I figured it was worth the risk at that price.  I soaked it all day and overnight in Oxy Clean and not only did the stains come out, it brightened the already perfect pink color!  The best news is that it fits my king sized bed!

How pretty is this stack of vintage towels?

This one is my favorite.  I love the colors.  We have no W's in our house so I know that once I hang this, I'm going to get a lot of funny looks.

Oh pretty pink gingham sheets.  Why can't you be a king sized set?

2 gallon sized bags of unused vintage Christmas cards for a dollar each!

4 boxes of pink Shiny Brites also for a dollar each!

A sweet spaghetti girl, a set of S & P shakers, and an unopened package of gift tags round out my Christmas finds.

You really didn't think I wouldn't come away without at least one set of pillow cases, did you?

I didn't find a whole lot of vintage kitchen but the little bit I did find makes me happy.  A pink ladle and a scraper called "Prettyware"?  How could these things not make me smile?  I got the Lustro Ware flower pot in the Free box.  Always check the Free box!!

That's it for the Thursday sale.  Next time I'll share what I found Friday.  I got some good stuff!

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Have a great week!



  1. So what do you do with all your sheets? I never find sets, only a pillowcase here and there, but you seem to be swimming in them :)

  2. Oh wow, you could probably make a bundle off those cards! I was gonna throw some in the trash, but on a whim threw 'em on eBay & they went for $10!

    As always, I love the vintage Christmas!

  3. Woweeee! I love it all. Your painted blue chair makes your linens even cuter.

  4. Nice finds for just 2 sales. I especially love the pink bedspread.

  5. Oh my goodness I remember that scraper. Love your linen finds.

  6. Woo - excellent finds! Not bad for missing Saturday sales! :)

  7. I'm liking those cards!! That's a find!!

    I bought a reindeer that looks very similiar to the one you just bought, I think it's a planter though, must go look!!

    You have so much to share every week, I was happy to finally have found some goodies on Saturday, it's so much more fun to blog when you have some exciting wares to show!!

  8. Awesome finds...especially the bedspread! I am thinking I want to see your pillow cases all stacked in a tower...you must have a ton, lol! :) Have a great day. Stacey

  9. Sweet finds, love to pick up vintage sheets, but have never gone for the towels....you may have started something! LOVE the pink bedspread. I always look, but never find anything to fit king size. Good for you! Have fun partying and celebrating this week end!

  10. Oh my, I love this post!! Such sweet finds! I haven't started a collection of towels yet, your stack looks so pretty!! A dollar a bag for those vintage cards....ohhhh you lucky lady!!! :) The vintage kitchen colors are so lovely and cute together! :) Wishing you a beautiful week and have fun partying and celebrating the weekend away!! :) xo Holly

  11. As much as I love what you've found, you know I only have eyes for that red basket of vintage tablecloths in the background.

  12. Those S&P shakers are perfection! Can you believe that I don't have a single pair of vintage Christmas S&P's??? Must find!
    The pink Shiny Brites will be perfect for wreath making, huh?
    Our flea was rained out last Sunday, but I found a few fun things the week before. Still need to post though.
    Hope you girls are doing great!
    Erica :)

  13. Quite the clean up! Those shiny brights and kingdoze bed spread are the best!

  14. You find the best stuff! (I feel like I say that every week.) I love the first photo of the chenille, awww. Thank you for joining the History & Home link party. -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  15. That red tape holder was well worth the wait. And 12 minutes? Our local pokey estate sale company would have taken at least double that to get the next wave in. At two at a time. Ack!