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Sunday, February 2, 2014

When Thrifting is Slow

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Hanna here.  I have to say, I think January was the slowest month I have had for thrifting since this madness began.  Last week I went to my thrifts every single day, and the only thing I came home with was a pair of children's snow shoes (not vintage mind you, but I can at least sell them.)  I actually only purchased a single vintage item from my Goodwill in January.  So what is a girl to do?  Well, the few other items I did find were from out of town, but even then the pickings were slim. So, I've finally done it.  I have had to turn to online shopping to fill my void.  I haven't purchased anything crazy, but having  a few new items coming into my house per month seems to be a requirement at this point.

First, let me share what I've thrifted.
 The woodpecker made in Japan shaker was my only find at my local Goodwill and I absolutely love it.  I was visiting my in laws yesterday and picked up this sweet ceramic pair of parakeets, its actually one of those wall vases.  I never leave behind pieces from the Federal Glass water fowl collection.  When I showed Matt the shot glass he said, "Awesome, I can never have too many of those."  I wish he said that about Pyrex!  He really does love his set of these glasses and we use them daily (not the shot glasses of course!)
I added my new bird friends to my rookery in my office.  Sorry for the strange angled shot, they really do sit up really high in my office.  I love my strange little bird collection!
 Well, you know I'm desperate for a Pyrex fix when I start buying Early American Pyrex.  I usually save this pattern for Piper's water bowls, but I decided that I use 043's all the time and if something happens to this, I wont be devastated.  Plus, $1 is hard to pass up.  At the same store I also found a  lid to the promotional Blue Floral piece.  I have found this lid in the past and sold it forever ago and mine and Erica's garage sale.  Being desperate, I bought it again, for 25 cents.  Knowing I would never find the bottom to this piece in the wild, I decided that it was time to do a little Ebay shopping and fulfill my need for some vintage prettiness.
Here she is all complete!  If you follow me on Instagram, you have of course already seen this.  I got the bottom for a really reasonable price and am so happy I broke down and purchased something online.  It fits in well with my Scandinavian theme I have in my kitchen.

My one other online splurge has not joined my household yet, so you will just have to wait.  I'm headed to Portland tomorrow and am hoping to have some thrifting luck.  It honestly will just be nice to go to a different store and not be looking at the same junk that has been on the shelves for weeks!

Well, I'm off to go make some treats, which will include some fresh Steelhead sushi, thanks to my catch from yesterday:
My first steelhead of the season!  It is always great to spend quality time with my husband and father in law and then show them up with the only fish of the day!

Always a Pleasure,


  1. I know the feeling Hanna, sometimes you find so many cool vintage stuff that you wish you brought more money with you and sometimes you thrift every single day and find nothing or 1 or 2 things. I guess it's universal!
    Ohhh that fish! I see, you are a great fishwoman, you won't starve for sure ;)

  2. Too funny Hanna! Great finds, love the blue & white covered dish, so pretty. Enjoyed your fish catch the most! Really did laugh out loud and ran over to hubby to show him...nice! Great catches - goods and fish.

    :) Pam

  3. Hope you find some goodies in the big city! Congrats on that fish too. My nephew is the fisherman of the family (7th grade) and is always telling us his latest fishing adventure,

  4. Have a thrifty day! Hope you find something excitng!

  5. Things will turn around and you'll find more. Love the fish. Bet it tasted great. Keep up the hunt.

  6. The thrifts are killing me too. Dry as a bone this past week. Oh, I showed my brother your steel head pic (the one that lives in Alaska) and he was impressed. Probably a bit jealous too. ; )

  7. Those wall vases are GREAT for kitchen stuff! I use one that is shaped like a bamboo thicket to hold wooden spoons above the stove! That's quite a catch you've got there haha, I hope around here the catfish will be biting soon!

  8. You sort of have a animal theme going on today. Birds. Fish. American eagles on your Pyrex. Glad you caught a big one and showed up the men.

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