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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Little of This and That

Hanna here!  Well, I've found just a few things at the thrifts over the last few weeks, I've picked up a couple of things at an antique mall, I bought a couple of items off of Instagram, and my sweet Sister got me a few gifts.  I'm counting myself lucky, considering how slow the month of January was for me.

 Wow, these goodies make me so ready for Spring!  I thrifted everything but the bunnies.  The vintage biscuit tin was just so pretty and bright, and 99 cents was just the right price.  I was so excited to find my first piece of Syracuse China in the Nordic pattern.  I would love to some day have a full set of this pattern, it fits in so well with all the Scandinavian items in my kitchen.  I never leave a blue jar behind, especially one for 29 cents.  I'm not quite sure what to do with the baby shower paper plates, but they were too cute to leave behind.
 I purchased these bunnies at an antique mall in Kalama, WA for $3 a piece.  I never find Easter items so they had to come home with me.  I love that someone decided to give them little scarves.
 The kitty bookends are my 4th full set!  They were my very first Instagram purchase, and now I am hooked!  The book is one of my gifts from Erica.  She knows the way to my heart is woodland creatures and vintage books.
 Erica is much better than me about surprises.  I bought her a very early birthday gift and could not stop talking to her about it.  She mentioned she had a b-day gift for me also.  We decided that instead of the torturous wait until June and August, that we would exchange Valentines Day prizes!  This drippings container is the newest edition to one of my favorite collections. Thanks to Erica my collection of the McKee Sailboats is growing quickly and I'm in love.  I'm working on how I'm going to display it better so stay tuned.
 I saw this Lucky Strikes cigarette tin and knew it would be at home with all my Mad Men like bar ware (another Instagram buy.)  I also picked up theses shot glasses at the antique mall in Kalama.
 I have seen a few of these on their own, but never the full set.  My bar ware collection is getting out of control!
Last, but not least, guess what I found?!?  Many of you may have read about the missing deer vase that Erica got me for Christmas.  Well, Matt thought that he was so clever when he handed it to me Valentines Day morning.  Apparently he found it while rummaging in our basement.  He tried to play it off as my V-day gift, but I sure told him!  I really think he has just been hiding it and got tired of me talking about how sad I was it was gone.  He really doesn't like it, so I am going to make sure I put it somewhere where he can see it every day.  I'm so mean :)

I hope everyone has a great week!  I had a nice little visit with Erica and Maddie this last weekend, but I'm already missing them again.  I really think I may just have to move in with them so that I get to have as many thrifting successes as they do!

Always a Pleasure,


  1. The rabbits are adorbs!

    Where can you buy stuff off Instagram? I have been meaning to make an account...

    & I like the McKee & the shot glasses are great. I really need a grease jar. I use a glass sauce jar then throw it away. I'd rather not do that.

    1. A lot of people have Instagram accounts solely for selling. They do auctions or a set price & the first person responding with their paypal address & zip wins! It's pretty awesome & is like a constant eBay feed made just for you, addicting but I ❤️It! You need to get an Instagram ASAP! I always see things that I think you would like!

  2. I see so many Instagram sellers but the majority of them are only for US customers, boo hoo.. It must be fun though, buying and selling on there...

  3. I've never been on Instagram. Heck...I just got into Pinterest only a few months ago! LOL. I had no idea people were selling on there! Guess I better get with the program! So happy that you found your deer vase!

  4. What a great collection of buys! I was also unaware of selling and buying on Instagram ... will have to check into this!

  5. At first glance I thought the Nordic plate was Alpine Chalet.
    Very similar!
    Those little bunnies are so sweet- I would have bought them, too!

  6. Great finds! The shot glasses have to be my favorite, so stinking cute! And the candles are pretty great too. So is the drippings dish...ok, so everything in this post is awesome! I'm wicked jealous over here! I can't seem to find much of anything the past week or so.

  7. I <3 McKee sail boats! And that Lucky Strike tin is FANTASTIC!!! Do you have a swanky bar for your swaggy swigs?!

  8. I have dreams of a swanky bar, but right now just a lot of bar ware that needs a much cooler place to reside :)

  9. I have those kitty book ends in my booth. I also have matching poodles (in their original box - pic here: https://scontent-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/1497547_450011555098552_1001128114_n.jpg)

  10. Oh great stuff again, but I really love the bunnies! Glad you found that sweet vas, too cute.

  11. I can't wait till the weather stays pretty and we can start going thrifting and yard sale hopping again. Until then, I will live vicariously through your adorable finds.

  12. I am so in love with that sailboat drippings container! Wow!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

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