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Monday, September 23, 2013

Where Did Last Week Go?

Hi There!

This morning, I noticed that it has been a whole week since you have heard from us!  Normally when this happens, there is a reason for us being MIA.  But this time, I have no excuses.  Last week must have just totally gotten away from me.  But at least I have things to show you all.  How sad would it be to not only go missing for a week but have nothing to show for it?

Our local flea market opened up again last Sunday.  All Summer long, I have been reading all of your blogs and seeing your great flea market finds.  You are all so lucky to have flea markets to go to in the Summer!  For whatever reason, ours closes the first weekend of June.  Guess the sellers just want some time to hit the garage sales and restock.

I have been on the hunt for an old lamp shade like this for a while.  I have enlisted Brian to make a chandelier for above our bed.  He's thrilled :-)

This rusty old bread box will be repurposed into a planter.

I actually picked this up for Laurie over at Magpie Ethel.  But I had a nagging suspicion that she already had it.  So once I got home, I did a little search on her blog and lo & behold, she does have it!  Oh well.  It's so dang cute, I'm thrilled to keep it.

Although we have two bathrooms in our house, Maddie prefers to use mine to get ready rather than share one with her brother (crazy, huh?).  I actually headed to the flea market with the intention of finding her a cute box or container to corral all her stuff.  I succeeded!  This aqua case with it's Lucite handle fits in perfect with my bathroom décor as well as her bedroom.

Readers of our blog know how much I love turquoise and pink so the Lustro Ware shakers and Tea-Time baby utensils should make total sense!

The Story Wagon reader was also a no brainer.  I mean, it has a donkey on the cover!  Normally, Hanna is the owl lover out of the two of us but since she already has a set of these Shawnee shakers, these got to come home with me!

I can't wait to use this Samsonite travel bag when I go visit Hanna in two weeks!!

I was drawn to these vintage glasses because of the colors.  I thought they would be perfect for Fall.  When the seller saw me pick them up, she told me I could have them all for a dollar!  She said she just wanted to get rid of stuff, not make a fortune.  My kind of seller for sure.

With the horrible estate season winding down, I'm super happy that the flea market has started up again.  At least I have a (mostly) no fail way to feed my vintage addiction.

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Have a great week!



  1. Oh, my.....what great finds!!! Love the turquoise S&P and the Shawnee owls. Can't wait to see the "new" chandelier!

  2. Super cute finds. I LOVE that bread box!

  3. Are you going to wind fabric around the wires of that shade? I think that looks so cute although not very practical since I don't see how it would SHADE the bulb at all...

    Love the salt and pepper shakers. ♥

  4. So many great treasures!! I wish I had an affordable flea market to visit.

  5. Haa! Who else would have a Happy Day Outing Kit but Laurie??? That's too funny! I'm picturing that green breadbox packed full of fresh pine and cedar branches and little red berries. Maybe some candy canes tucked in???? Just sayin...that's my vision. LOL
    You've done well lately! We have one more flea market next Sunday and then that's it for the year. Booooo.
    Erica :)

  6. Love your Lustro Ware in turquoise--I have the very same set.
    And the owls are cute, cute, cute.

  7. That polka dot bread box? I DIE.

  8. It was so hard for me to look at the rest of your finds, once I saw that POLKA DOT BREAD BOX!!! Love every single thing you brought home!

  9. I love that aqua case! Good scores!

  10. Maybe that's a new game we can play with Ethel, "Does she have it?" :-)
    I bet your chandelier will be darling when done - hope you'll share with us.

  11. I know how Maddie feels, I hated sharing a bathroom with my brothers! Why do they have to be so dang gross?!
    I'm excited to see your chandelier. I've seen ones like that on Pinterest and really like them.
    Hopefully your flea market season is way better than your estate sale season!

  12. I haven't read a blog in two and a half weeks - that happens on vacation!! Hah!! I knew I could get a good fix of vintage goodies right here - lots of turquoise this week for you, nice!! I need to unpack my goods!!!

  13. I haven't read a blog in two and a half weeks - that happens on vacation!! Hah!! I knew I could get a good fix of vintage goodies right here - lots of turquoise this week for you, nice!! I need to unpack my goods!!!

  14. You always find the best stuff!!!! : ) Hugs and TFS!