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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Vintage Harvest

Happy Monday!

Before we headed off to the antique fair last weekend, Maddie & I went to our favorite local antique mall for their seasonal open house. This year it was called A Vintage Harvest and all of the vendors did an amazing job setting up their booths for Fall.  It definitely put me in the mood for some fall decorating.  I didn't find a whole lot of stuff but was happy to browse and get some inspiration.

I found this sweet little heater hiding underneath a table in one of the booths.  It's hard to see in the photo but it is the perfect shade of Jadeite green.  We own a heating & air conditioning company so I thought it would be a fun little thing to display.  It's new home is my bathroom.

You should have seen the look that Maddie gave me when I picked up this Black Flag Sprayer.  It will go with my Halloween decorations perfectly!  Vintage Halloween is so hard to find around here and if I do find it, I basically have to sell my first born to afford it.  So I tend to purchase the more non-obvious Halloween items to incorporate into my decorations.

The moon and star ornaments are new and are covered with glass black beads.  The seller added some vintage crepe paper adornments to make them a little more vintage-y.

I found this cute child's iron and bought it to use in my laundry room remodel.  My plan is to remove the cord and add a little hook to the iron handle.  Then I'll use it for a towel holder like Laurie did here.

I swear that every time I go to one of these open houses, I find an aqua refrigerator dish. This time was no exception.  I picked up the 502 plus lid for $6! 

So that 502 plus these cuties that Hanna steered me toward on eBay for mere pennies.....

Led me to another completed set!

At the Farm Chicks show in June, I bought an amazing black and red poppy tablecloth that I thought would be perfect for Halloween.  I finally got around to giving it a good soak and hang in the sun and it looks beautiful

Isn't it awesome?
Speaking of tablecloths, a while back I had someone leave a comment asking me to show my collection. 
I stack them in baskets and display them in my bedroom.  They are way too pretty to be hiding in a cabinet.
I hope everyone has a great week.  Mine started out great until about 10 minutes ago when I found out that Farm Chicks is on my birthday next year (Yay!!) but also on the same day as Alex's high school graduation (Nooooooooooooo!!!!!).  Not to worry though, friends.  Hanna, Rachel, & I already have something in the works to compensate for this devastating loss.  Alameda, here we come!


  1. Love that bug sprayer. I have been wanting one to have in my potting shed. It's got to be a Black Flag one, for sure. That will look cute with your Halloween décor!
    The little heater is great. That will be cute in the bathroom. We had one in the house I grew up in. It made the bathroom so nice and toasty!

  2. Love the blue fridgie!

    I'm off to find out what Alameda is. ♥

  3. That little heater is great! I have the very same "Black Flag" sprayer (the lion used it in Wizard of Oz this summer!) I DREAM of the day I finish off my Aqua fridgied set, that and the butterprint set will be my every day containers when I have my own house other than the lake. And as always your table cloth finds are wonderful!

  4. NOOOOOOOOO did you hear my scream from here????! The graduation can't be the same day!!! Well I guess this year I need to tell you my Alameda tidbits huh? Great heater!

  5. You stumble across more pink and aqua Pyrex than anyone I know! I don't get how you find it so easily! I have two solid turquoise bowls. No solid pink, and no fridgies in either of those colors. You are a lucky duck!
    LOVE the heater! And WOW, your tablecloth collection is just amazing! I'm heading to a good looking estate sale on Thursday. Here's hoping!
    Erica :)

  6. I'm loving the little heater! Cool finds :)

  7. How did u find turquoise fridgies for mere pennies? Please spread the turquoise pyrex love around. i only have an 023!

    :) Erin

  8. Great finds, as always! Think the black flag sprayer was a very clever purchase for your Halloween display.

    You have amazing Pyrex luck, don't you? Gorgeous tablecloth! To me, there is not much that's prettier than a stack of tablecloths showing off their patterns and colors. Love how you display them!

    :) Pam

  9. Love the sprayer! It reminds me of an old Disney Halloween movie that we used to watch as kids. I can't for the life of me remember the name of it now, but one of the characters, maybe it was Donald, used one to do something...Damn! I hate getting old and not remembering stuff! Whatever, it's going to be a super cool addition to your decorations!
    You guys have the best Pyrex luck. Woohoo for another completed set!!!

  10. I love the stacks of tablecloths! So colorful!

  11. Love the little jade-ite heater, but I'm soooo jealous of aqua fridgie set AND that stack of vintage tablecloths. Wow!!!

  12. Love your linen collection all stacked up like that!

  13. I am beginning to think that turquoise and pink Pyrex just throws itself at you! Alameda looks like a lot of fun!


  14. You have found an incredible number of turquoise fridgies! Lucky you!

    Do you thrift all the vintage table cloths? Again, impressive. I look every time I go to a thrift store but I only find one a few times a year it seems. Love your style SO much!

    Heather @ www.larkandlola.com

  15. Oh, I just love your stack of tablecloths! So beautiful! I've never found a turquoise fridgie, lid or no -- lovely, lucky finds!

  16. Your tablecloth collection is just lovely! Ahh, the vintage shade and prints! <3
    Happy weekend! New follower!
    xoxo Carly @swtvintagelove.blogspot.com

  17. Are you coming in June to Alameda? Have you been before? I think the prices can be kind of high but I have found a few nice things.

  18. That is a very very nice stack of tablecloths!!

  19. Wow! Talk about finding great stuff for pennies! That heater seems pretty cool, and would make for a nice display in your bathroom or anywhere in the house. And it seems that you have amassed a lot of things over time. I’m sure you’ll find some lovely use for the others in no time. Cheers!

    Dennis Cannon @ LairdAndSon