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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flea Market Sunday

I'm happy to say that I had a pretty good day at the flea market on Sunday.  Our flea market takes the Summer off (strange, I know) so there are only 3 markets left.  I am going to have to miss the next two but don't feel sorry for me! One weekend I will be in Las Vegas and the other I will be at Farm Chicks!  So last Sunday's finds are going to have to hold me over for a while.

These two chippy children's chairs were purchased within the first minute I was in the door.  I only wanted one since the other was broken.  I have bought from this guy before and he is so nice.  Want to know how nice?  He threw in the broken one for free!  A little wood glue, and it's all fixed.  Wait till you see what I did with them.

I picked up some decals from a booth where all the ephemera was 50% off.

It's pretty customary for me to barter on prices.  When I asked the lady who had this vintage tablecloth if she would take a dollar less than what she was asking, she audibly gasped and said "Oh, no.  I can't do that.  It's vintage".  When I told her it had some stains on it she said, "Well, I'm sure you can get those out".  Something about the way she was talking to me made me put the tablecloth down and start to walk away.  I don't always expect people to want to barter with me but just say something along the lines of "I'd really like to get full price for it" in a nice tone of voice.  Don't try and make excuses.  Believe me, I know what vintage means.  Anyway, she said "Well, if you really want it, fine I will do that price."  Well why didn't you say so in the first place?!

I got this old fruit crate label and sprinkler out of a $2 grab bag.  I love grab bags!  One more of these sprinklers and I will officially have a collection.

I'm sure by now you all know that I collect old syrup dispensers.  This is the third small one I have found.  I also picked up these two old measuring scoops for my sugar and flour canisters.

I didn't buy this book for Maddie's collection.  I bought it for my Easter decorations.  Vintage Easter is pretty hard to come buy so I always try to pick up Spring/Easter related stuff when I can.

Look how cute those illustrations are.  This book is a larger softcover book with scalloped edging.  It's copyright date is from 1941 and was published by Whitman Publishing Company.

How perfect are these for my 4th of July displays?  I am going to have to start decorating as soon as I get back from Farm Chicks!  I have a feeling I have acquired quite a bit that I don't remember.

I got Maddie a June angel for her collection and picked up this pair of Japan salt & pepper shakers for 2 bucks.

There is a lady who goes around to all the sales buying up all the jewelry.  She is really not liked too well by the people who are also after jewelry.  Luckily, that doesn't include me.  She then takes it all and literally dumps it in a big pile on her tables and prices each piece $2.00, no matter if it is a cheap Dollar Tree necklace or a vintage broach.  You just have to want to take the time to dig.  Well this turquoise and sterling necklace was peaking out of the middle of the mess and waiting for me so I didn't have to dig too hard.  Lucky me!

Not a bad haul, huh?  I'm glad that since I am going to miss the next couple of markets that I was able to find some good stuff.  But the bad side to that is now I am going to wonder what all I am going to miss!

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  1. Those chairs are sa-weet! I need to perfect my bartering skills. I get so nervous asking, but I guess the worst thing that could happen is they could say no...with an audible gasp. Haha!

  2. The chairs are adorable..can not tell which one is broken?
    I usually pay what they are asking but my friends are good at asking. I know what to look for and they know how to barter!

  3. Curious to see what is up with those chairs?! Giddy for Farm Chicks to get here...

  4. Love the bunny decal with the hat. I don't have that one.

    I'm not going to Farm chicks this year. I have a mystery ear problem that I hoped to have solved in time for Farm Chicks but alas, I wait! Have you gone to FC before? I loved it last year but it was really hard to hear in the crowd. ♥

  5. AhhhH! I want those dairy containers!!!! Where's your thermos...lol

  6. I LOVE them all, Erica and I can't wait to see what magic you have worked on the chairs!

  7. Great finds! Of course, the tablecloth is my favorite. Lucky you didn't walk away too quickly! Sometimes sellers do seem cranky, don't they?

    Erica, I'm sorry, but I think you asked me about Wilendur making towels and/or runners. Yes, they made both. They also sold bolts of Wilendur fabric, so many women cut and made their own. Sorry I'm so late answering. :) Pam

  8. The bunnny book is so cute!! There is never a post that I don't love everything you buy, why is that? Hah!!

  9. Those chairs are so cute, I can't wait to see what you did with them. And bummer on the snitty lady. I really hate when people act like that. Is it really so difficult to be pleasant and nice people?!
    And, I've never heard of a flea market like that. Seems reasonable for where you guys live if it's indoors. Something to do on the weekends in the winter. Great finds, as usual!

  10. You found a lot of great things there! I especially like the measuring cups with the painted handles, and the adorable skunks. You are lucky to have such a great flea market.

  11. Great stuff! You got some scores! That is so cool that you are going to Farm Chicks. I've always wanted to do that. Can't wait to see pics from your trip.

  12. love the chairs seriously adorable! pinned you to the Penny Worthy Board thanks for linking up!

  13. So envious of your syrup dispensers! I have yet to find any in the wild~ maybe with the onset of garage sales and estates sales I'll get lucky.