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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dogs & Flowers

We have lived in our house on two acres for the past 5 years.  When we first bought the property, I would daydream and make lists of all of the beautiful flowers and bushes I wanted to plant.  So the first Spring we were here, we started in on the list. 

It was a disaster.

It seems that Bailey, our Golden Retriever, has some sort of vitamin deficiency that makes her crave greenery of all kinds (don't worry, I did my research beforehand and planted non-poisonous to animals plants).  So we decided to forgo the Hydrangeas and Rhododendrons that I had envisioned for a few years and just stick with hanging baskets.  As far as I knew, Bailey couldn't fly or scale buildings.

After a couple of years, we decided to try again thinking that maybe she had outgrown it.  We were wrong.  Dead wrong. By this time, not only did we have Bailey to deal with, but we also had Brewski, our German Shepherd puppy. Let me tell you, Bailey had quite the time teaching him all the fun it was to tear plants out of the ground and pluck flowers out of pots.  Yum!

Don't get me wrong...I love hanging baskets.  We don't just buy them ready planted from the store and hang them.  Oh no.  Brian plants them himself and then he and his mom have a competition to see who has the best ones by the end of the Summer.  But really, how many hanging baskets can one house have?

So we decided to try again.  The weekend before last, we bought some cheap color spots and planted them in pots out front just to test the dogs.  Bullet, our newest puppy, had never been around flowers before (well, unless you count the Daffodils he ate at Sisters house the last time we visited), so we needed to see how he would react.  Well, you know what happened?  A whole week went by and there was not one plant fatality.  We couldn't believe it.  Want to know what happened next?  I went a little crazy at the nursery and decided that I was going to make up for lost time.

Old galvanized bucket re purposed into a hanging planter
Metal wash bin I found at a garage sale a few years ago
My grandparents old Maytag washing machine
Chippy plant stand from a garage sale last Summer
I got this idea off of Pinterest
This one too
I spotted this grass seed spreader leaning up against a tree in our backyard and thought it would make an amazing planter!
A couple more chippy plant stands I found last Summer
Pretty pink flowers in McCoy pots
My flea market finds from last weekend.  Don't you think they make the perfect plant stands?
So far so good.  The dogs have shown zero interest in any of these beauties.  I think this weekend we are going to do some more flower planting.  I have a few more things I would like to re purpose into planters.  If all goes well, we may even try to plant some things in the ground!  I think I need to mention that all of this planting has definitely been a team mission.  I am the brains behind the operation and Brian is definitely the muscle.  A green thumb I do not have.  I'm not even allowed to water them!
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  1. Super cute. I LOVE flowers and having them in creative containers is the best.

  2. Okay. So I'm sitting her with a big cup of coffee and a movie size box of Whoppers (Dollar Tree)reading your blog and enjoying your pictures. All is well in my world. Then it starts. A plaintive whining drifting up from the back garden."You could be planting your own flowers instead of reading about it." Dang petunias. Nag,nag, nag. Glad I found your post at Share Your Cup Thursday. Really made me smile.

  3. I LOVE your planters! Very creative! Glad the doggies are leaving your flowers alone!
    Nice finds too! Darling chairs!

  4. I was so worried you were going to say all the new pots were destroyed! Whew! Love the sifter idea. :)

  5. Your new chairs totally make awesome plant stands! I love all your flower "pots." I hope the dogs leave them alone so we can see how full and beautiful everything is in a few months.
    I wish we could have flowers here. We have deer by the hundreds in my small neighborhood, and they eat everything, even the deer resistant stuff. I've seen one balance on his hind legs to get to a hanging plant. Crazy little boogers!

  6. They look nice!

    I know what you mean, our dog loves to eat greenery. There was a plant at our apartment complex, it was pretty huge, we let him eat it, didn't think there was any harm, but he ended up killing it..

    uh oh.

  7. There is never a need to buy a new pot for outdoor planting, there is always something old to use!! Looks nice!

  8. Very fun! I've used an old flour sifter, coffee pot, colander... It's a nice change from a run-of-the-mill flour pot.

  9. All these planters look amazing with great flowers in them. I'm so glad the doggies are off the flower diet!! I think you have inspired me to get some flowers planted this weekend! Thanks for joining TTF!
    Linda & Diann

  10. Look what you've started, now I really want to make myself some unique planters like this! It's all so sweet, well done!

  11. Erica, I love flowers planted in unusual containers. I filled a bunch of things here on Friday. Love, love the spreader! Thanks for sharing with SYC.