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Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Little Help, Blog Friends?

Yesterday, Brian stopped at a St. Vincent de Paul about an hour east of here. It was in a very tiny town and it seems that it hasn't caught on to all of the price gouging going on at the thrifts in the bigger cities. 
He found these in the "Collectibles" case.  The tag was the 50% off color and the lady behind the counter gave him an extra 10% off.  He bought them because he thought they were cool.  Now, I like to think that I know a good amount on the values of vintage kitchen items and linens but not toys.  This is where you guys come in.


They are made by Arcade and look to be all original.  They are heavy cast iron.  After doing some online research, we were able to find several of the taxi's that sold on eBay anywhere from $40 to almost $900!  The police chief horse and carriage we were only able to find on an online estate auction site but couldn't find out what it ended up selling for.

Brian initially wanted to keep them but realizes that if we can get a decent amount of money for them, out the door they go!  We have a 400' fence to build (plus I am going to Farm Chicks in June).

I'm hoping that someone out there in blogland can help me find out some more information on these old toys.  We may have to go all Storage Wars and try and find someone locally who knows about these kind of things. 

Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated blog friends!


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  1. Those are super cool! I hope you guys can get some info on them soon. And how long did it take for your husband to come around to thrifting? Mine is taking forever to get on board!

  2. The only thing I know is he did really great! Gotta love it when hubby brings home vintage treasures. Hope you make a bundle! :)

  3. Just had my hubby, who KNOWS toys, look at them and the horse and rider are a repro. You can see the screws. The taxi is probably a repro too. If the word "ARCADE" is raised on the toy, than it's a repro for sure! I hope that helps.

  4. I have seen some go though the auction that are similar but I don't know anything about them! Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

  5. They are truly very unique pieces,however, as to their worth, only what someone is willing pay for them. I never seem to find a bargain. I hope you can sell them and do well.

  6. They are pretty cool, but my first thought was they are repro's. Still might be worth something. Good Luck!


  7. I'd take them to an antique dealer and get an expert to look at them. I don't know much about toys, but I do know that a lot of cast-iron toys were reproduced. I think they're really cute, no matter what they end up being worth!