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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Early Morning Estate Sale...Part 2!

So after my last post, I was super surprised to hear from a lot of you that sign up sheets for estate sales are not the norm.  You just line up?  What if it's raining?  Or two hours prior to the sale opening?  I guess we all do what we have to do to get the good junk but I think I will just stick to the sign up sheets.  That way, I can get caught up on my reading in my nice, warm car!

Now, on to the rest of my finds from that early sale I hit a couple of weeks ago...

Finally! I can't even begin to tell you how many times I have gone to look at the tag on these old laundry baskets only to find the frustrating NFS marking.  I've also lost out on them quite a few times at estate sales.  This one was waiting for me way out in the back of the property in an old shed.  All of the linens were scattered throughout the house.  We are going to be seeing 70+ degree weather later this week and through the weekend so I will be getting these beauties soaked and hung.  I actually really love this chore!

Lots of bed linens!  I have such an addiction to vintage sheets, pillowcases and blankets.
Another peanut butter jar, this one full of buttons.  Love the turquoise scraper and luckily the Sharpie came right off.  And I never pass up cheap Swanky Swigs!

The sweet bird planter will be up for sale in my IG shop soon since it's a duplicate.  And I can't ever leave an estate sale without at least a couple old greeting cards.

I have started picking up cute hankies here and there for a project.  I'm thinking of making a curtain for my kitchen window with them.  Or I'll make Hanna do it!

Lots of cheap Pyrex at this sale. More duplicate pieces will be headed to IG and Etsy!

These shakers are the first thing I spotted in the online photos and what prompted me to get to the sale so early!

I cannot get enough of vintage enamelware.  The first piece I ever found was actually at my grandparents house.  My grandpa was using it as a water dish for the dogs!  I freaked out and traded out a real dog dish for it.  That was several years ago and guess what my dogs drink out of now?  I guess grandpa had the right idea!

I absolutely love finding little personalized notes on things I find at estate sales.

Old picnic baskets make the best storage!

Loving the jadeite color art deco trim on this old mirror.  I wish that I could capture the color better for you.

Old advertising is just something that I am drawn to.  If I don't sell these, I'll put them with my 4th of July decorations.

So that's it for this particular haul.  Early morning made for a long day but so worth it! 

Oh, and no baby Norah yet.  Once she is here, and Hanna gives me the thumbs up, I will share her arrival with all of you!

Have a wonderful week...



  1. Love the shakers! Your opening pic with the basket is great!
    I must find out more about IG shops.
    Do you like it better than etsy?

  2. I just love the enamelware! And like you, I am thrilled when I find personal notes. I've found quite a few in the vintage books I've purchased. Some I've purchased just because they had the note inside! :-)

  3. Oh how I love those beautiful pillowcases! All such great finds! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  4. Great finds! I'd be at that sale early too!

  5. Such a wonderful and very fun assortment of things!! Love the enamel bowls, you could use one for potting some pretty flowers in!! :) Excited to hear when baby Norah will be here! How far is your sister right now? I'm 31 weeks today!! Have a great rest of the week!! :)
    xo Holly

  6. Squealing over your vintage linens and the wire basket. Like you, I love washing and hanging them out. All great finds as usual, but those shakers would have enticed me fo get there early also. :)

  7. If I didn't love the hunt so much, I could be content with just looking through all of your pictures! You and I have the same taste in almost everything you buy! I always wanted the wire laundry basket too, but I broke down and bought a new one a while back. I still love it, but wish it was vintage. I have a purple and a pink chenille bedspread just like the blue one you got.

    We have sign in sheets or numbers on sticky pads that sit on the front porch of an estate sale here in Michigan. Maybe only a couple per year that don't have numbers-all of the rest do.

    GREAT finds!!

  8. You made out lady! (Again. And of course.) I'm glad you found the laundry cart! I have a different style one that I tried to sell for a lot...(like $75)...but it never sold so I took it home and use it instead. I guess I didn't really want to sell it. (I did find it at Savers for $2.99, which was amazing, am I right?)

    Love those mugs! They would be PERFECT with all your amazing 4th of July decor. I'm impressed you got all the shakers too! Around here, I'd have no chance if the estate sale posted them online in advance. Gah, I need to come to Oregon just to shadow you at these estate sales.

  9. I love the Pyrex pieces that you found! What do you do with the large circular one with the lid? I have only made salads out of mine and have not baked with it yet. I'm trying to start a Pyrex blog that features different recipes for vintage Pyrex ware and so I'm collecting ideas too. Let me know! www.venorasvintage.com