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Monday, March 23, 2015

A Busy Bee & From The Flea

It has been crazy busy around here.  Brian swears that I make messes so that I can clean them up.  He says I always have some sort of project going and he doesn't understand why I just can't relax.  Well let me tell you....relaxing is not in my nature.  I am a busy bee and am happiest when I have a task.  Plus I love seeing progress going on around me.  Recently, my major project has included tackling the upstairs closets.  Isn't it amazing the things you can find that you have no recollection of how you acquired them?  I've been listing away on Etsy and Instagram and luckily have been selling lots of stuff!  I just told Hanna that it's not so much about the money as it is the getting rid of things.  After all, I need to make room for more!

The Sunday before Hanna's shower, I was up bright and early for the flea market.  Since sales are starting to pick up around here, the sellers at the flea have a lot more good junk to pick through. 

I've been gathering lots of fun vintage toys for when Miss Norah comes to stay with me.  Plus I never pass up a Pepsi crate that is in my price range.  I love to stack them on my back patio.

I Love old pillowcases!

Especially ones with sweet deer embroidered on them.

Old tins are perfect for storage.

This one was filled with cute cookie cutters.

This apron is so funny!  Who do you think the Tranquilizers are for?  Grandma or the kids?


More aprons from the same seller.  And before you ask, yes I do wear them!  More for fun than function though.

I was totally suckered in with the cute graphics on this sewing kit.

Bonus was that the original doll was included!

I've become obsessed with Texas Ware.  Brian loves it too.  He absolutely hates using Pyrex.  He is always afraid he is going to break it and also that it has to be hand washed.

I must find more of these plates!  Sadly the seller only had the one.

I have seen this sweet measuring spoon holder on a few blogs and have had it on my mental wish list.  Super happy to find my own!  The seller threw in the party picks for free.

3 of these lucky deer are headed up to live with Magpie Ethel!  I'm kind of jealous.

It's supposed to be super nice this weekend.  Hopefully that means more sales!

Have a great week...



  1. The aprons are my favorite - I have several and wear them every day. I wear different ones for cooking and different ones for crafting.

  2. WELL you know those deer are headed to a good home!

  3. Great finds! Think that Grandma apron is my favorite. The tranquilizer part is definitely questionable, but funny!

  4. I've recently been taken with vintage tins, too, I really like the ones you found. Hope you are doing well - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  5. OH love your adorable finds!! That floral apron is so pretty!! :) Happy sweet day to you! xo Holly

  6. A girl can never have too many aprons! Sweet measuring spoon set too. I'm waiting for some good sales to start here soon.

  7. Great finds as usual. I love those Texasware bowls. I'm excited that it's flea market season now and hopeful that we'll find some amazing treasures this year!

  8. I just love all girly vintage finds, especially that sweet dollhouse and sewing kit. Your niece is going to be so spoiled and loved!

  9. Really? You teased us with the tin but didn't take a picture of the cookie cutters inside - we're just supposed to take your word for it? Come on now gurrrrrl . . .

  10. LOVE the aprons and the pillowcases! I'm so looking forward to flea market season!! It seems like winter will never end in Michigan!!

  11. How I wish there were flea markets selling things like that for a reasonable price near where I live! I'm loving those tins.
    xo Jaime, https://redvelvetcreative.wordpress.com/

  12. I have missed reading your posts! So many wonderful things for Miss Norah! And I have the same measuring spoon holder!!

  13. I did not know Texas Ware was a collectible - I feed my animals with mine. Lovely finds and funny aprons - quite the haul!