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Monday, July 21, 2014

One Small Sale & A Quick Thrift Stop

Happy Monday!
Hope you all had a great weekend.  Our household has been project central and this weekend the focus was my bedroom.  Blog post to follow as soon as this overcast weather goes away and I can get some good pictures. 
Lots of sales this weekend, as can be expected for this time of year.  Sometimes I can get super overwhelmed with the amount of ads and that makes it easy for me to just blow them off all together.  Plus, I really needed to get some things done around here. 
But old habits die hard and when you drive by a sign that says "Estate Sale" and it looks like it was written by your grandma, you stop.
Not the cutest donkey but Hanna doesn't allow any donkeys to be left behind so I had to abide by her rule.
I was walking into this sale when a dealer from a local antique mall was walking out so I didn't have much hope for finding much.  I really love her booth and almost always buy something from it.  Either these eggs are reproductions or she missed them.  They are marked Made in Germany but so are the ones you can get from World Market.
I dug these out of the same box at the paper eggs.  I know they are old!
Maddie found these NOS plastic clothespins which are perfect for my laundry room.  Another cookbook for my collection and a box of ornaments that I should NOT BE BUYING! 
But we all know that is nearly impossible for me.
Loving the yellow trim on these pillowcases. 
I have no idea what happened to this framed print.  The picture is stuck to the glass so there is no way I am going to be able to save it.  But the frame is pink so it's not a total loss!
So Alex starts school in the Fall and will be moving into an apartment with two of his best friends.  I'm on the hunt for a desk and a small dining room set.  I'd like to find something old that I can refinish.  If I can't find anything, there is always Ikea.  But this task gives me a reason to stop at the thrifts from time to time.  No furniture at this stop but I did find these things...
These cute juice glasses go really well with my Fiestaware dishes.
The sweetest embroidered apron.
It's always a good day when I can find Pyrex at the thrift, especially when it is a pattern I collect!
Busy day today so I gotta get moving!
Linking up with Sir Thrift-A-Lot for Thriftasaurus and Melissa's Antiques for Thrifty Things Friday.
Have a great day!


  1. I saw an ad for your area that said 'lots of Christmas' and thought of you. If your guilt over excess ornaments gets too bad, just ship them to me. I'm a giver and a helper.

  2. Very cute, love the pretty apron and sweet eggs. I want to shop with you!
    :) Pam

  3. There is an estate sale happening next weekend here & they have the littlest bit of vintage Christmas - some flocked items & some pine cone drawfs. I had a dream I went & got them & woke up screaming, "yeaaah!" Pumping my fist in the air, hah. Anyways, I have a wedding to go to next Saturday, so I ain't gonna make it!

  4. Wonderful finds! Love everything, as always. Thanks for sharing them @ TTF!

  5. I love the turquoise and red Christmas decorations! The pillow cases and donkey too. I actually found something in my Grandmothers things that i'd like to give you gals come this way in October!

  6. Very cute finds! Love the cool glasses. What is Alex studying? My daughter heads to college in a few weeks, but will be living in a dorm.

  7. That really is the sweetest embroidery apron!! Love all your sweet things! I think the donkey and cart are cute! Love the plastic clothespins too! The cook book looks like it would have some yummy recipes in it! What fun!! Hope you have a lovely day!! xo Holly

  8. Love those juice glasses and finding "any" Easter is always a bonus. Love those colorful clothespins too. Now that we have a cottage we are fixing up, I need to start looking for vintage linens. You have the best collection. Excellent finds.

  9. That embroidered apron would have been mine if I had traveled hundreds of miles and seen it first!!! You made quite a haul....great finds!!!

  10. I love your eggs and new pyrex! Good luck on the furniture hunt :)

  11. A lot of great finds! I collect those eggs so of course I love those, nobody should pass up vintage ornaments, and those yellow pillowcases are sweet!

  12. I haven't found any Christmas balls yet, I have high hopes to make Carla a wreath, it's not looking good so far!!! I know how you feel, there are just some things we can't leave behind!

  13. Love the yellow trimmed pillow cases - I have pink ones and lavender ones like them. Easter items are great but I crave vintage Christmas balls. Happy hunting!