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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's the Holiday Season!

It's the Holiday Season, do you know what that means in Thrifter Sisters World?  

1. As much Sister time as we can get!  
2. Lots of thrifting
3. Fun crafty projects 
4. Tantalizing treats
5. Delicious cocktails

Lucky me, Erica is coming to visit Friday after our last date was canceled, so I can officially say #1 on my list is well on its way.  I have a whole list of antique malls and thrifts I want to visit with her and can hardly wait for our adventure (#2).  I've been finding a few things at my local GW also and they all fit in with my Holiday Season theme.  My GW is FULL of Christmas stuff already.  I was telling Erica that I feel like I need to go twice a day to ensure that all vintage Christmas makes it home with me.  Here are some of my fun finds:
 I found some Santas, a musical friend, and a single gold Shiny Brite for crafting (#3.)  I seriously will buy a whole bag of X-mas goodies if there is a Shiny Brite in there and I'm lucky enough that these grab bags are usually only 99 cents.  I also found some Shiny Brite ornament hangers and a whole box of green/blue ornaments.

 Here is a close up of my soon to be wreath friends, aren't they sweet?
I'm sure I will be baking some tantalizing treats (#4) in this 045 Pyrex blue snowflake.  Isn't she pretty? Also, I don't care if its clear, no Pyrex refrigerator dish can be left behind!
My most favorite find this week was this bar caddy that will soon contain ingredients for mine and Sister's delicious cocktails (#5).  The middle bottle used to say Gin.  I don't like gin, so I was thinking I could rub off the rest of the gold and put vodka in it.  Or is there a way I can decal that on?  Let me know if you know how!  Anyway, this is a very Mad Men find, so I convinced Matt that it was for him so he wouldn't complain that more glassware was coming into the home.  He is such a sucker.

Last, but not least, I figured you need to see our zombie makeup from Halloween.  We weren't going to dress up and then a girlfriend insisted on at least doing our makeup.  Matt was a good sport.  What do you think?

Well, off I go to make my second GW trip of the day.  Tis' the season!
Always a Pleasure,


  1. I love everything! Cool blue and green Shiny Brites!

  2. OMgosh! It looks like you beat eachother up! LOL Very good make-up! Goodwill really does come through with little vintage x-mas stuff. Just a few pieces at a time, but it all adds up! Your blue/green ornaments are great!
    Here's to Happy Holidays with Your Sister and Tons of Vintage Fun!
    Oh...and Drinks!! Erica :)

  3. You're not the only one--I bought a bag of ugly gold ornaments the other day just to get 2 vintage printed ones! LOL

  4. Yup - I will buy a bag of crud just for one or two vintage pieces! Love the rolly polly Santas!

    The makeup does look like some kind of domestic dispute happened or the bruising after an accident - she did a good job!

  5. I never find Shiny Brites at my local Goodwills! Lucky!

  6. Very cool finds, love the bar caddy & always love Shiny Brites! You guys looks great as zombies, too cute! :) Pam

  7. Zombie makeup looks great! And I too have started picking up bags of ornaments just for a few of them in the bag! Sounds like a lot of sister fun is headed our way :)

  8. You guys looked awesome! I love your Shiny Brite finds. I'm the same way, I'll dig through 50 junk bags to find the one containing a single vintage ornament. It's a sickness I tell ya!!! Whatever, think of how cool our Christmas crafting is going to be this year! Have a great time this weekend!

  9. The Christmas stuff has been out here since before Halloween. I've picked up a ton of shiny brites and a ceramic tree with the little bulbs ($2!). I;m making stops at multiple locations at least every other day, that and the other thrifts we have as well. I have a thrift about five minutes' walk from my neighborhood and it;s one of the best in town and the prices are cheap.

  10. Christmas is picking up and that's good news - I came home with a bunch yesterday!! Nice finds and the Snowflake isn't bad either!