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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flea Market Treats

Hi There!
Things are getting a little less wild around here, thank goodness.  Bullet is still housebound for at least another week.  Did you know that there are two processes to healing a cut pad on a dogs foot?  Process one entails a week of it being wrapped to begin the healing and process two entails another 1-2 weeks for when the bandages are removed for it to dry out.  Both processes require the dog to STILL BE INSIDE!!  We've actually adjusted to having a house dog though.  He just kind of wanders around and goes with the flow.  He's obviously housebroken and past the chewing up everything in sight puppy stage so I'm not constantly following him around to see what he's getting into.  I may actually miss him when he gets to go back outside (or not!).
Last weekend was the Picc-A-Dilly Flea Market.  I met my BFF Rachel there and found a couple of fun things.  Pickings are still kind of slim but at least I didn't leave empty handed.
I have had some good luck selling the Snoopy mugs so I pick them up whenever I find them for a reasonable price.  This one was marked "As Is" but I found absolutely nothing wrong with it.  Does that ever happen to you?  The little red truck will be worked into my Christmas décor.  Can't you just picture it with a tiny bottle brush tree in the bed?  The ice cream containers are always good for fill in and height to my holiday decorations.
I love these Hazel Atlas shot glasses.  I pick them up whenever I can and have amassed quite a good collection of them. They get put to good use when Hanna is here.  The Squaw one is the first that I have found with this particular graphic. 
Vintage Christmas is kind of hard to find right now but give it a couple of weeks and it will be EVERYWHERE.  I can't wait!  I collect the Santa mugs and the three smaller plastic ones will be perfect for wreath making.  And how cute is that vintage stocking?
Just look at Santa's sweet face!
I love the turquoise graphics on the front of the Good Housekeeping Book of Cookies.  The Howdy Doody book is for Maddie's collection.  She swears that she already has it.  She does have a photographic memory so I don't doubt it!
I like to put these old floral postcards in those spiky flower frogs and display them with my vintage pottery.  I love the colors on these.

I found two of these Old Pal Minnow Buckets at the Coburg Antique Fair.  I really wanted to buy Brian one but they were both marked pretty high.  Even with Maddie's bartering skills, we couldn't get the price down low enough.  I got this one at the flea market and the guy dropped the price from $10 down to $8 without me even having to ask.  I got the Pyrex Friendship Bake, Serve & Store from the same guy.

My collection of them is growing pretty nicely, don't you think?

I had a really fun time at the flea market.  It was nice to get to catch up with Rachel. She just graduated from nursing school so hopefully we will get to see each other more often!  If not, I know I will see her at least every two weeks for the flea market.  She picked up her first Pepsi crate and an old picnic basket. She's hooked!  Plus, she's always up for Sunday morning Bloody Mary's afterwards.  Yet another reason she is my best friend :-)

I'm gonna head over and join the following parties:

Coloradolady for Vintage Thingie Thursday
We Call it Junkin' for We Call it Olde
The Cottage Market for Junkin' Joe

Until next time!



  1. A great vintage presentation. Trust you little pup heals soon.

  2. Wow that pyrex collection looks great! They are such cute vibrant colors.

  3. Love the images on those floral postcards -- in your picture they look three-dimensional!

  4. Nice finds. Gotta love a Snoopy mug!
    And I like your winking Santas. So classic. I have a set of those (with the pitcher) myself.

  5. What a great old stocking. You could fit a whole lot of fun in there!

    I recognize that cookie book from somewhere in my life.

    Bloody Mary's. Ugh! I never could see how people could like those! Ha-ha- My mom would put celery in hers. :)

  6. Always with a great piece of Pyrex! I love the stocking, I'm hoping to come across some this year, but if not, I guess it's cool. Ice cream tubs are cool, too.

  7. Oh my goodness! If you EVER want to sell your Johnson's ice cream, I would purchase it from you! That is my last name :) LOVE all the Friendship...just fabulous! Glad things are better.

  8. I noticed your new header right away and it's so cute! I just put some Christmas goodies in my booth.
    On Monday I'm going to make some wreaths with my vintage Christmas bits & bobs! Poor puppy dog!

  9. What do you fill the ice cream cups with? I have a couple from a swap.

  10. Super cute new blog header!! :)

    Love those ice cream cups!

  11. That's a lot of gorgeous Friendship! I found a set of old ice cream cups like that once. Now you have me wanting to go dig them out.
    Oh and the vintage Christmas stuff! SWOON!

  12. Love the Santa stocking. Funny and Maddy and her photographic memory with the book. My kids are the same way with Archie comics. We have literally hundreds. I would come across a stash of used ones out on my travels and could call the kids and describe the cover.."Archie and Veronica are at the movies and Archie says...". Kate would know if they had it or not. Not me and my memory!

  13. Cute little red truck and I love the ice cream cups! Such great finds!

  14. You never disappoint my need for vintage goodies! Love the ice cream cups.

  15. Well, I would list my favorites of all your finds, but I would be listing pretty much everything in this post, so I'll save us both the time. He he. I don't have any Friendship yet! :( Some day though, your collection is great! Love the HA, love the Snoopy. But who doesn't love Snoopy? Thank you so much for sharing this at my We Call It Olde Link-Up. Another party starts on Tuesday, hope to see you there again. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  16. I love Friendship Pyrex. Nice finds! Glad to hear that things are starting to settle down, and your pup is on the mend :-)

  17. You did pretty well for slim pickings! My grandmother had that 3rd shot glass with the woman on the stairs. I used to love just looking at it. Great Pyrex goodies, as usual. :) Pam

  18. Lots of great finds! Wish I could find an "old pal" bucket for my dads Christmas present!

  19. Your new banner looks so good! I need Maddie to come shopping with me, I'm terrible at haggling.
    That bait bucket is really cool. Great finds for slim pickings!

  20. You ladies always find the COOLest stuff!!! Hugs...