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Friday, March 15, 2013

An Estate Sale To Remember Holiday Edition

Hi Everyone!

I'm actually sitting at Sister's kitchen table in Astoria right now as I write this blog.  Miss Maddie, Bullet, and I headed here for the weekend while Brian & Alex are in Las Vegas for the Pac-12 Basketball Tournament.  Normally, I would be really jealous that they were in Vegas without me but I'm with my Sister which is where I'd much rather be!

We had a long day of thrifting.  I didn't get too much but Sister went a little wild.  I'm sure she will be sharing all of her treasures with you soon.  But for now, I am going to show you all of my fabulous holiday finds from "An Estate Sale To Remember".

Vintage Valentines in a 50 cent grab bag.

Holiday die- cuts for a dime apiece.

The two top honeycombs were a quarter apiece and the gaggle of turkeys were in the original packaging for 50 cents.

This is a reproduction but I have an original paper mache pumpkin that this will look really good

So what do you do when you find 5 Empire candy buckets for 50 cents apiece?  You buy them all obviously!

50 cent Halloween grab bag


I bought this book because it was from the year I was born, 1976.

I bought this bag of Easter stuff just to get the Millinery flower egg.

I'm not really sure if this pillow is old or a reproduction but I still had to have it.

Old squeaky toys for a quarter apiece.  Maddie thinks they are dog toys.  You be the judge!

These old plastic candy containers look like they could use some Magpie Ethel Magic!

Gurley candles in a 50 cent grab bag.  Does anyone know the age of the flat snowmen?  They are marked Gurley but I have never seen them before.

Love this bag of bells, especially the old pink one.

This random bag of ornaments was 50 cents and good for wreath making.

I remember when I was decorating my tree last year and I was hanging my lone pine cone ornament I was thinking I needed to find more.  I think these will do the job!

I found a random bag of birds.  I LOVE the glittery goose.

No vintage holiday haul is complete without a couple of spun heads in glittery slippers!

I actually picked up a bag of these carolers and bells at SVDP last holiday season.  I was happy to find more to add to the bunch.

I really don't remember picking these up but they ended up in my bag.  I remember my Grandma Gloria used to have the bubble lights on her tree.  Now they are considered a major fire hazard!

These old stockings have the original Woolworths price tags on them!  I think the tags say 5 cents apiece.  I paid a dime apiece. 

I got all of this stuff in another 50 cent grab bag.  I am pretty sure that I will never come across these kind of prices again.

4 packages of NOS sequins for crafting. 

Who am I to pass up Golden Books, especially when they are a dime apiece?

I am so loving this bird feeder.  What an amazing way to repurpose vintage dishes!  The top part is a snack sever tray, then a canning jar, then a chicken feeder, then a dessert dish.  Add a cute little Pixie on the top and you are good to go!  Sister and I have big plans to try and make our own this Summer.

Wow, this post is definitely the most picture heavy post that I have ever done.  I hope you all enjoyed it!

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  1. What wonderful finds! I love it all!

  2. Dang you did do well. That is a whole lot of Christmas! (I have not seen those snowman Gurleys ..no help from me) I have a similar birdfeeder to the one one in your last photo. I made mine only I used galvanized metal pot lids plus that chicken feeder...you can see it next weekend. Have fun in Astoria.

  3. Oh, my...... It's almost too much to take in, i imagine you felt like I did with the scarves!! I can't even imagine finding all that good stuff in one place and for next to nothing!! That was just the best day!!

  4. Wow, such great holiday treasures!! I especially love those choir boys/carolers!!!

  5. You & your Valentine finds. I'm always so jealous.

  6. Why yes, I sure did enjoy this post! You lucky duck! There are too many good things here to pick something as a favorite! I don't think that the Santa squeak toys were made for dogs. Maybe I'm wrong, but I often see the one on the left at antique stores and online. So I'm thinking that too many of them survived to have been for the dogs!lol Also, there were a few companies that made squeak toys (see Magpie Ethels collection) for kids!
    Hope you're having a great time with your sister!
    Erica :)

  7. Wow! Never been to a sale with such good stuff at such good prices! How fun!

  8. Wow - you fell into the Holidays vintage honey hole!!
    These are wonderful - really dig the bird feeder.

  9. oh my gosh Erica, you hit pay dirt. I love each and every thing you fund. The pinecone ornaments are so special! HPS

  10. You found some great things. I like every one of them.I find it hard to get holiday things when it is not the time,
    HPS Laura

  11. oh my oh my!!! Picking a favorite is to hard, so I will leave it at I LIKE IT ALL!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  12. My goodness quite a HAUL What a find- those old woolworths Christmas stockings. with prices tags and glitter still on them!

  13. Happy Holidays indeed! That bird feeder is super cool!

  14. Love the bird feeder as well.

    Hopping by from Pink Saturday.

    My PINK
    Your comment is always appreciated.

  15. Wow, you really had quite the day! I'm always picking up old ornaments when I find them - I can't seem to stop!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  16. Wow, you found lots of awesome vintage holiday treasures! Love all the Christmas bulbs! Thank you for sharing at TTF. Have a great day!

  17. Oh my are sure this was an estate sale and not Holiday Heaven? Simply amazing holiday decor! Are you ever going to have fun? Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.